3 Simple tips for Choosing the Best Patio Doors for your Property

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There are numerous home improvements you can make which don’t require planning permission. One of the most popular, is the installation of patio doors.  

The addition of patio doors can drastically liven up any property, whether a business premises or a domestic home. Older doors are notoriously energy-inefficient and can negatively affect a home’s curb appeal. They can also be a security risk. New Patio, or Bi-Folding doors can have a significant positive impact.

But what should you look for when buying new patio doors? We’ve found that most homeowners consider the following variables before they make a choice.

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Choosing the best patio doors

The starting point is always looking at your current building. Choosing the best patio door starts with assessing your building and what kind of doors will fit.

1. Check your existing Design

Whether the patio door looks out on a garden or is used to enclose a small conservatory, it will be a focal point of any room it’s fitted into. It is therefore advisable to think how a style of door will fit with the existing architecture.

There are plenty of options you can choose from, including hinged, sliding and bi-fold doors, but some restrictions may apply.

  • Hinged doors work well  if the space to be covered isn’t more than 2 leaves wide. If it is any larger and they can become difficult to open and close.
  • Sliding patio doors work best where space is restricted around the patio door.
  • Bi-folds are the most versatile sort, and can be constructed with multiple leaves and in different configurations.

2. Chose Door Frame Material

You have chosen which type of door to go with, but the material will also have an important bearing on your end product.

Material choices range from wood, PVC and aluminium. Each has different properties, so it is important to understand the difference between them.

The following is a brief explanation; for more information, contact SRL Limited.

  • PVC frames are easy to install and just as easy to maintain. They are easily customisable since they come in a wide range of colours to match the exterior of the home.
  • Wood frames offer a more rustic, traditional look and they are used if aesthetics are the most important variable. While they look good, they are also high maintenance fittings.
  • Aluminium frames combine low maintenance and high durability to create a solid frame for your patio doors. They can also be supplied with a thermal break. It’s no wonder they are a preferred customer choice.

3. Energy Efficiency

The right patio door can help improve your property’s energy efficiency. A combination of the right frame around modified glass will reduce the need to keep the heating on throughout winter.

There are a considerable number of options available for the glass you can choose.  

Acoustic glass, self cleaning glass, fire-proof glass, etc.

To get the best efficiency levels, we recommend the installation of Low-E glass. Low-E is glass that has been treated with a thin transparent layer of metal. The coating allows it to reflect sunlight away from the room, and keep the room at a stable temperature. It also stops heat from escaping in the winter.

Adding patio or bi-folding doors can add huge benefits to your property, and with the range of possibilities and choices available, you can combine the positives characteristics of each option to improve energy efficiency and aesthetics.

Experts in Your Choice

SRL Limited is a leading supplier of bespoke bi-fold door units. We work with clients to determine the ideal configuration for their property and we are backed by many years of experience. Call us today and let’s get your renovation underway.

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