3 Ways To Incorporate Structural Glass Into Your Home Or Business

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Structural glass is a beautiful and practical addition to commercial and domestic applications – and as its use becomes more widespread popularity and affordability are increasing. Here we take a look at the versatile and cost-effective ways you can improve your home or business environment with structural glass.

Create transparent walls to let in light and open up spaces

In smaller properties that lack natural light from external windows, transparent walls can be a design game changer. Internally they enable the translation of light between one previously unconnected space and another – so several rooms can benefit from a window or skylight. This also gives rooms an airy, open plan feel – even though they are technically segregated. Structural glass is tough and versatile – so if you have specific application in mind, discuss it with our experienced glass experts to create your dream design.

Glass doors for sleek, contemporary style

From a commercial perspective, glass doors made from structural glass present a very positive, professional image. They’re contemporary and sleek in style – but also welcoming and psychologically help customers to feel more inclined to enter a property. But glass doors aren’t just for businesses – they’re great for home environments, too. Glass doors amalgamate garden spaces and interiors effortlessly – whilst letting in plenty of natural light.

Combat closed walls and smaller spaces

For businesses especially space can be an issue – so making the most of it or creating the illusion of more of it can be a priority. Business premises and small houses or apartments can also be dark owing to lack of windows or borders with other properties, so channelling natural light is a must. As above, glass walls open up a space either partially or completely, allowing for fluidity in design and the way you navigate and live in a property. Offices can benefit, as glass doors give employees an appropriate level of privacy, whilst ensuring that they can be monitored at all times.

Considering structural glass? Speak to expert manufacturers and installers at SRL today.

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