4 Reasons Why Rollers Shutters are Better than Standard Doors

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Choosing the right option for your business premises or shop front depends on a number of factors. We look at 4 reasons why roller shutters have more advantages than standard doors.

1. Security

Security is the number one concern for most business owners. The great advantage of installing roller shutters to your business premises is the extra security they provide. Aluminium and steel roller shutters offer an affordable way to safely protect all kinds of business properties. They are lightweight, strong and can be fitted to protect warehouses, storage spaces, shopfronts, factories and many other establishments.

The great advantage of roller shutters is that they are lightweight, but still very strong. For businesses that require higher levels of security, The security doors we supply at SRL are certified with the SR2 LPS1175 burglar proof certification. These standards represent how difficult a door is to breach and how long it would take a criminal to break through. All our roller shutters are available with tubular type motors or 3ph/1ph industrial motors via remote control or key switch. Delivering a secure safe option for any business premises.

2. Fire Prevention

Many premises require fire rated doors. Our fire-rated shutters are widely used in schools, catering kitchens, stair cores, hospitals and all types or premises to create secure compartments within buildings, keeping fire from spreading and saving lives along with valuable property.

Tested at Warrington Fire in accordance with BSEN1634-1:2000 and rated up to 4 hours, the SRL Ltd fire-rated roller shutter door is constructed from steel and available in electric operation only.

A fire rated shutter can add to your peace of mind and increase the safety of your employees and customers. As an added bonus, the addition of fire rated roller shutters can also be help you to save money on your insurance premiums too.

3. Insulation

Another advantage of using roller shutter doors is the added insulation that they can provide. Large entrances or loading bays, found in many factories or warehouses are prime areas of heat loss from your premises. Preventing any heat loss is extra important, as any bit of insulation can save your company lots of money. Insulated roller shutters can feature shutter laths filled with insulating materials that are lightweight but very efficient. The insulation can also create a sound barrier and help control draughts.

4. Aesthetics

Just because you want a secure, safe business premises, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice looks. Aluminium roller shutters can be powder coated to the colour of your choice, making your shopfront a perfect marketing billboard.

For those who want customers to see window displays after hours, a perforated shutter door is the ideal solution, allowing for security without shutting off the interior.

SRL Ltd’s highly skilled, in-house powder coating team has many years’ experience in the powder coating industry. We offer a high-quality in-house powder coating service for all our aluminium shop fronts. Our aluminium shop fronts are available in a wide variety of colours and styles, designed specifically to meet the needs of commercial ground floor treatment.

Aluminium as a raw material is ideal for shop fronts, windows and doors as it is lightweight, but very durable and resilient. What’s more, aluminium is corrosion resistant and therefore is long- lasting and able to withstand all weather conditions.

SRL’s aluminium fronts can be painted to any RAL or BS colour, and the flexibility of design as a result of using aluminium allows for appropriate installation across various locations including retail stores, commercial entrances and shopping centres.

If you want roller shutters or doors that benefit from added security whilst also offering an attractive appearance get in touch with us today.

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