4 Things To Consider When Planning A Conservatory Or Orangery

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Orangeries and conservatories are fantastic additions to any home. They add financial value and enhance the surrounding environment – adding open, airy and bright space filled with beautiful natural light. They also provide an inexpensive opportunity to expand your living space.

Before planning a design or installation, however, it’s important to carefully consider your motivation, requirements and current situation. Many once-desirable conservatories go unused or neglected – and this is often because appropriate preparation hasn’t been carried out before the build. If you’re thinking of building an orangery or conservatory, ask yourself these three questions to ensure maximum satisfaction.  

What will be the purpose of the space?

Why are you considering a conservatory or orangery build? Do you need more space? Are you looking to add value to your home in time for an upcoming sale? Perhaps you want to use the space as a dining area, or additional living area. Maybe it will be a playroom, or simply an alternative entrance hall. The purpose of your build is important, as this dictates the shape, size and style of your conservatory or orangery.

How will I keep temperatures ambient?

Once principle complaint many homeowners make about their conservatory or orangery is the sweltering heat they experience in summer, accompanied by freezing cold during winter months. One way to combat this is the incorporation of innovative, intelligent glass products in the installation – glass designed to deflect external heat or cold to keep temperatures ambient internally. You can find out more about these products here on the site or through contacting us directly. Other issues to consider include adequate insulation and the composition of your design. Will it be mostly glass or mostly comprised of brick walls? Each of these elements will affect the internal temperature and environment within your conservatory.

Are there any existing damp or insulation issues in my home?

Any existing issues with damp or insulation in the immediate vicinity of your proposed conservatory or orangery will need to be resolved before you begin your build. This is because mould, condensation and inadequate heating or insulation (caused by existing issues, poor central heating or older PVC windows and doors) will quickly affect your new installation, causing costly damage and difficulty in the long and short-term. It’s best to spend money and resolve issues such as this before you get started on construction work for an orangery or conservatory – especially if you plan to sell your home in the near future.  

Will you be using your outdoor or garden space in conjunction with the conservatory?

The use of surrounding land may dictate the shape and size of your conservatory and the type of access it has. For example, most have external doors – but this may not be possible (or appropriate) for your installation. Whether you wish to utilise your outdoor space or not, it’s worth surveying the surrounding area to identify any potential pain points that could disrupt your build. These include marshy or damp ground, uneven pathways and patios that need to be dug up and replaced, or large trees or plants with troublesome roots. It’s key to look at this before work starts, as issues here could bump up your budget considerably.

Planning a conservatory or orangery installation? Enquire about our quality, house-manufactured glass solutions today.

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