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From shop fronts to the backs of vans and even banks, we see roller shutters everyday.

Like many people, I’m sure you associate them with the need for security and keeping unwanted visitors at bay. You wouldn’t be wrong with that assumption. Most roller shutters are strong enough to repel any would-be thief or assailant, but roller shutters also have other characteristics that you may not be aware of.

Many roller shutters are made from aluminium that can be treated to have distinct properties ranging from having insulating effects to noise reduction.

These properties enable the shutters to be considered for use in homes across the world. In the UK, more people are having shutters fitted on doors, windows, garage entrances.

The added security is an obvious benefit of having these shutters covering key entrance points in your home. Here are 5 more features that you didn’t know, but are worth considering:


Shutters can keep out the radiant heat in summer and help prevent heat from escaping in winter. Being able to keep rooms cooler or warmer “for free” saves on your energy costs. Computer modelling has shown up to 30% energy saving on residential properties. This can mean a potential savings of £ 300, on a yearly bill of £ 1, 000. A product that has the ability to pay for itself, due to cost saving on energy is an excellent investment.

Light Filtering.

Roller shutters with slats can be fitted, so you can control how much light enters a room. This is useful for families that have shift workers or people who are sensitive to direct sunlight. The shutters can be fully closed to place a room in relative darkness or slightly opened to have light at comfortable levels. A partial opening, with an opened window allows a constant flow of air in and out of the house, allowing the house to air without exposing the interior.

Noise Reduction.

Families with infants can benefit from the use of shutters as they can be insulated to deaden external noise, letting your little ones sleep peacefully. If your home is near a busy road, you can also have insulated shutters fitted to reduce the noise transmission. Studies have shown up to 40% noise reduction with selected roller shutters.

Remote Operated.

Shutters vary in size and weight depending on whether you are using them to cover windows, doors or garages. There are two ways of opening and closing the; using a remote control or a hand crank. You can choose the option that best suits you. At SRL Limited, we stock many motors and remote systems to use on shutters.

Unobtrusive Design.

While you want to be safe in your home, you definitely don’t want your home looking like a fort. To avoid that look, you can order shutters in colours that match the exterior of your home. A wide range of colours can allow you contrast or match your shutters with the building material used.

Most shutters are easy to clean, so your property always looks attractive. The aluminium is easily cleaned with a hose and can be wiped dry, with a cloth. They can also be cleaned with non-abrasive cleaning fluids.

Let SRL Ltd use their three decades of experience to help you find the best yet affordable security solution. We stock a wide range of Continental Domestic Roller Shutter Doors that are highly rated in the industry. Our experience in the field doesn’t equal an inflated, high margin cost to you. We aim to be the best on price and quality.

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