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A client recently had an emergency on his farm about 20 miles outside Manchester, in Little Bollington, where he breeds poultry.

The main door to the barn was accidentally rammed with an ATV with a stuck throttle. With about £ 100, 000 worth of office equipment and farm equipment in that barn, there was no way he could leave the structure open overnight. He quickly called the cavalry, (yours truly) and we were able to replace a 50 foot x 60 foot steel door with biometric locks in about 3 hours. 

Barring runaway ATVS, other common causes of door problems and damage include:

  • vandalism.
  • forklift damage.
  • wear and tear.
  • extreme weather conditions. 

These can leave your business exposed and compromise operations.

They can also present a hazard to staff and customers. A speedy fix is the only thing that can restore your peace of mind. Sometimes, the accident leaves the door relatively intact, but jammed in one position, (Murphy’s law dictates that it will be in the half open position). What do you do when your property is exposed?

While your best option is to call a qualified engineer when your door breaks down, you can troubleshoot and fix some issues. Some common incidents and their fixes are:

Curtain rolls up unevenly.

This usually occurs when the top slat of the curtain/door is not in line with the rest of the frame. Another cause is if the Collar assembly is improperly aligned.

Our recommended quick fix is to loosen the top screws and straighten the curtain. In this situaiton, we advise calling us out ASAP.

The sensing edge doesn’t work.

The possible cause of this could be an open circuit in the bottom bar. You can confirm this by disconnecting the wiring at the bottom bar and inserting a continuity tester.

We recommend you replace the sensors at the sensing edge.

The bottom bar interferes with the weather-stripping.

The guide opening is too narrow, causing it to bunch up and not close properly.

We recommend widening the guide opening.

The roller shutter doesn’t respond to turning with the key, it opens halfway and gets stuck.

The limit switches probably needs to be reset.

We recommend calling out our engineers.

The drive shaft is crooked.

The possible cause of this could be a broken weld.

We recommend that you call out our engineers.

Tension wheel turns too freely.

The possible cause of this is a spring broken or broken shaft pin.

We recommend you call us!

Some users totally neglect the maintenance of their doors. We encourage preventative maintenance. In a bid to catch issues before they develop, we advise clients to sign up for our cheap maintenance programme. We come out and inspect all aspects of your doors to prevent any incidents.

  • Regular inspection of your doors can help to extend the operating life of your commercial doors.
  • Reduce the occurrence of breakdowns.
  • Reduce potential downtime and associated costs relating to operational delays.
  • Reduce the cost of one-off repairs.

With our regular servicing, these checks are carried out by our trained techs and recorded. We can then work out which repairs need to be carried out ASAP. we can keep your doors in tip top shape and working as they should. 

At SRL Limited, we can have the know-how and tools to take on all jobs, from 70 foot barn doors to mini high-speed doors.

We offer maintenance services that can save you thousands of pounds in the long run. Contact our office for a free estimate.

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