5 Crucial Tips To Consider When Choosing Your Bi-fold Doors

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Whether it’s a new build, you are renovating a period piece or maybe you just want to splash out on a home conversion, you can’t go wrong with installing bi-fold doors.

With doors made of glass, wood and aluminium, you can create a transparent divide between an entertainment area indoors and the patio or garden outside. This makes for a much larger entertainment space with an organic element of natural light and air.

When choosing a patio door for your property, there are a number of things to consider.

It may sound as easy as looking in the phone book or on the Internet and calling the first provider you see, but it’s not. I can assure you that if you take these tips into consideration and know exactly what you need, before calling any firms, you can save money and get an excellent job done for you.

1. The Type of Glass.

The glass used in constructing bi-fold doors isn’t ‘just’ glass. Due to different consumer needs, manufacturers have developed a whole range of types of glass to use. From double- and even triple-glazed glass to coated glass to reflective glass, there is a variant for everyone.

While one type helps your living space stay warm in winter, the other reflects some of the direct heat from the sun, so you don’t turn your living area into a sauna. At SRL Limited, we have a large selection of glass types, and we work with you to determine the best type for your property.

You should also figure out the direction your property is facing as this will determine just how much sunlight you will be exposed to.

2. The Door Frame.

The frame which holds the door can be made from oak, timber, Iroko, aluminium etc. The material chosen largely depends on you. Some home owners stay away from wood, as it can warp due to expansion and contraction over time. Exposure to the elements; alternating rain, snow and sunshine have that effect on wood frames. Other people choose only metal frames as they feel its sturdier and will last longer. Others choose strictly based on the existing design of the house. This consideration is down to what you feel works for you.

3. The Space Available.

The width of the available space influences the bi-fold doors chosen. Whether you are going for a 3-leaf or 4-leaf (four door panels) door, you should bear in mind how much space that will cover. SRL Limited carries doors with up to 6 or 8 panels, so that whatever your preference, we have a door for you.

4. Home Security.

First off, if your house is on the ground floor, you have to seriously consider using laminated or toughened glass. This type of glass has been chemically treated so that doesn’t shatter even if a brick is thrown at it. Another element of this is to look for doors that have multiple locks around them.

5. Who is Responsible.

It is also very important that you note just who is responsible for your new doors. Many companies only supply the doors and do not fit them. They may give you the contact details of a local builder. You may have to find a builder yourself or put them up yourself. If in doubt at any point, ask and get exact details. This can also affect the warranty. If the doors are put up by different companies, you need to know who to turn to if there is a need for repairing any part of it.

The right bi-fold doors can greatly add to the aesthetic value of your property. Choosing them is, therefore, a task that should be undertaken with proper knowledge. Following the 5 points listed above will give you a strong idea of exactly what you need for your property.

SRL Limited will work with you to determine the type of door that suits your build and make an informed decision. Our range of doors in stock now includes the Visofold Unique Slide,Visofold Panorama, Econoline Patio Doors and Superglide Patio Doors. Call us now and lets make that living space more functional, secure and luxurious.

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