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A shop front is not only an advertising space for your retail outlet but a window into your business as a whole. It constitutes a large part of the first impression that you inevitably give off to potential customers and the public eye in general. With this in mind it makes sense that your shopfront should be bold, unique, welcoming – and most of all, it should stand out against other businesses.

Create a focal point

When arranging your front of shop display, keep in mind that this is the first thing customers will see. To give them the best impression and a true representation of the products or services you provide, you should create a focal point in your front window which consists of items that you want customers to see the most. This demonstrates clearly to anyone passing by what your business is all about and gives them a good first impression of what you want to achieve with your business. Producing a display with the too little in it can disinterest customers and a display that is cluttered can overwhelm them – so you should find the point in between and show off your best goods to the public eye. Your focal point should ideally consist of one or two products, but if it happens to be a range then make sure they are easy to find and fully in view of potential customers.

Time for a new design

If your shop façade is looking beaten and dull, it’s unlikely that customers will want to enter your business at all, so a new shopfront design could really brighten things up physically and financially. This doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul of what you currently have – small additions and slight revamps can make all the difference. New material for your shopfront could make all the difference – for example, aluminium is durable and malleable, marble is luxurious and visually appealing and a timber façade can present a traditional and inviting look to your business. The material and design will depend on the nature of your business and current branding – and this is something professionals such as ourselves can advise on.


A clean and presentable shopfront is an absolute must as a broken window or chipped paint offers a poor impression and can have significant detrimental consequences for your business as a whole. Keeping the outside of your premises clean is just as important as the inside – as this is the first thing any potential and existing customers see.

Lighting says a lot

There’s little point in creating a fabulous display if no one can see it – which is why you should make it your mission to invest in some good quality lighting for your window displays. Lighting the focal point of displays in your window properly will really show customers what your business is all about and is bound to produce better sales compared with dark, dimly-lit goods which are barely visible and less appealing as a result.

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