5 Security Steps to Preventing Arson In Your Business

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According to the latest figures from the ONS, the occurrence of arson appears to have decreased statistically in Britain.

However, if your business was one of the 500 reported cases in 2014, you’d tend to disregard those facts. Focusing on just statistics tend to sugar-coat the issue at hand; protecting your valuable merchandise.

The threat of burglary is easily combated by deploying a slew of deterrents such as visible security patrols, CCTV, and vigilant staff.

Even graffiti vandals can be dissuaded with motion activated alarms and security lights around the premises. With fire incidents, many businesses are caught unawares, because nobody ever expects them.

Whether it’s maliciously started or due to an electrical fault, the fire leads to the destruction of property and even death. Socio-economic effects include a decline in the area due to insurance companies charging higher premiums and a decrease in property values.

Prevent your business from becoming a statistic with a few straightforward tips.

Avoiding destruction of your business due to fire can be accomplished in five steps. As an owner, landlord or occupier of business premises, you are responsible for fire safety. Start with a thorough risk assessment of the premises; don’t pass this duty on to a subordinate.


1. Identify the fire hazards by holding regular walk-arounds. Do you generate a large amount of flammable waste and are they properly disposed of? Are your solvents, flammable liquids and gases properly stored away?

2. Identify people at risk; Do any of your staff work out of sight of others and can be caught unawares?


3. Liaise with other businesses in the community and the local Council to get data about the neighbourhood in general. Have there been break-ins or small fires in the area in recent times?

4. Keep records of your findings as they can help track the efficacy of your efforts.


5. Start by clearing all hazards/risks such as debris or rubbish. Employ a dedicated clean-up crew or encourage staff to properly dispose of rubbish generated.

6. Prepare a unique evacuation plan for your business and staff, and ensure every member of staff knows it. Hold regular fire drills so that staff can practise what is expected of them in case of an emergency.

7. Carry out a regular inspection of all fire-fighting equipment to ensure they are in good working order. Are your fire doors fit for purpose i.e. easily unlocked in the event of an out break?

8. Do you have fire-rated roller shutters installed on your premises? An architect can design the premises so that these doors are deployed in a way that divides up the business space. This allows a fire outbreak to be contained in isolated sections, limiting its spread and effect.


9. Review the fire risk assessment regularly and update as needed.

10. Install a security camera that covers all angles of the premises.

Most arson attacks occur at night or on the weekends so it is advised that the alarm installed is linked to a police station.


  • At the close of work everyday, check that all doors and windows are securely locked from the inside. Limit the number of trusted staff that can do this in your absence.
  • Ensure motion activated alarms and lights are switched on before you leave the premises.
  • By leaving graffiti sprayed on walls or abandoned vehicles around the building, your premises can attract unscrupulous element. Repair any building damage as soon as it is spotted to dissuade any vandalism.

Since there is no 100% solution for preventing arson or a fire outbreak; a combination of being vigilant and installing the right equipment are the best ways to reduce your risk. At SRL Limited, we supply and install fire-rated roller shutters for internal and external installation.

Contact us today and let us design roller shutters to protect your business from fire outbreaks.

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