5 Subtle Signs Your Home Is Ready For New Double-Glazed Units

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It’s not always clear to see that it may be time to replace your old windows and replace them with fresh double-glazed units. Here we present five common problems experienced by homeowners – and explain how innovative new double-glazing products can combat them for years to come.

Condensation and mist

It’s a tell-tale sign that your windows are coming to the end of their life – dew drops glistening in between the panes or even inside your home, causing rooms, sills and wallpaper to become damp. Old wooden frames can also let in rainwater and dirt, which can have negative implications for the health of your home and your family. As soon as you spot condensation and mist, it’s time to source new double-glazed units with high quality seals and UPVC frames.

Catching cold

Drafts and heat loss can affect your health – and push up energy bills. If you can feel a draft as you pass your windows or doors, then it’s most definitely time to invest in new double-glazing units. However troublesome leaks and cracks aren’t always easy to detect – quite often they go unnoticed for months, costing you a fortune as you lose valuable heat from your home. One easy way to make sure that your windows are fully sealed and secure is to take a candle to the edges, watching for flickers in the flame. If the candle flame or smoke drifts towards you away from the window, it’s a sure sign there’s a gap compromising the insulating properties of your unit.

Hot in here

Heat can also be an issue during summer months – especially for businesses or modern homes with large windows facing into the sun. Thankfully specialist glass products now combat this – such as innovative UV reflective finishes and intelligent coatings. Double-glazing can help to keep heat at bay, whilst retaining cool air.

Turn down the volume

Noise pollution is particularly troublesome – especially at night when the roar from a nearby road, train track or airport can disturb sleep. It can also be distracting in the daytime. Thankfully modern double-glazing installations can combat this – as they actively keep sound and vibrations at bay, as opposed to single-glazed units that transfer noise into the home.

Faulty seals, cracks and discolouration

When you look at your windows each and every day, it can be harder to see that wear and tear has compromised their appearance and functionality. Make a habit of checking your windows once in a while to make sure that they are still fully sealed and aren’t showing signs of deterioration or discolouration.

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