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Aluminium is a new kid on the block where shop front frame materials are concerned. Yet it is incredibly popular. Looking at its credentials and benefits, it’s clear to see why:-

1. Aluminium – Renewable and Eco-Friendly

Aluminium is an abundant commodity. It is 100% recyclable, which means that it is great for the environment.

The other important quality of aluminium is that even if it has been recycled its strength is not diminished. Which means that you continue to get the all the benefits of strength and versatility, whilst doing your bit for the environment, and keeping your carbon footprint low.

 2. Aluminium Versatility

With aluminum you can easily customise to suit your needs. Aluminum is a very versatile material. It is as versatile as many PVC materials, but stronger. And it’s tensile strength remains, no matter what shape it is in.

This means that you mould it to fit whatever shape and space is required. This can lead to some spectacular designs that will really benefit your business image. By bending and curving to any shape in the fabrication process, your aluminium shop front can be smooth, sleek and modern looking, without the need for unsightly joints or rivets.

3. Easy to update

Aluminium can easily take paint or special spray paint.  Advantage for shop fronts is that this process can be done by specialists on site. Such versatility allows you to adapt your shop front to suit the needs of your business and change your colour scheme and business branding without the need for a complete refit.

4. Perfect for the Home

In recent years, we have found more more and more homes opting for aluminium windows, instead of the usual uPvc white and rosewood frames. The strength and versatility advantages are obvious, but we are finding that with aluminum, homeowners are looking for a standout feature material. Aluminum is perfect for bi folding doors, sliding doors or french doors.

 5. Money Saving through Aluminum

Whether buying for a business, or for the home, getting value for money is high on everyone’s agenda. Aluminum is a cheap and abundant material. Its thermal performance is second to none – meaning when coupled with quality glass it can significantly lower heating bills and maintain an ambient temperature throughout the home. On average, heat loss and heat gain are reduced by 60% with Aluminium frames.

What’s more, Aluminium frames are cost-effective and low on maintenance.

Opting for an aluminium shop front is an excellent way to make real business and home savings, allowing you to invest more money elsewhere.

  6. Aluminum Strength

Although aluminum is a lightweight metal, and very versatile, it is also incredible durable. Aluminium shop fronts are designed to withstand everything the weather has to throw at them.

Most importantly, aluminum does not rust in the rain, and does not heat up in direct sunlight, unlike other materials and metals. This makes it perfect for the shop fronts.

It’s durability and strength means that a shop front made of aluminium will last a long time. Shop fronts we create, made of aluminium, should last for 20 years. And can be resprayed to change colours or adapt the branding at any time to suit your needs as your business changes.

This durable material doesn’t need much attention – it’s corrosion resistant and able to cope with a wide variety of prolonged weather conditions without being compromised by warping, swelling, cracking or splitting.

SRL Aluminium Shop Fronts

Our aluminium shop fronts are designed specifically to meet the needs of commercial ground floor treatment. SRL offers surface treatments such as powder coating and anodising which can improve this even further.

SRL’s aluminium fronts can be painted to any RAL or BS colour, and the flexibility of design as a result of using aluminium allows for appropriate installation across various locations including retail stores, commercial entrances and shopping centres.

For more information about aluminium shop fronts from SRL, talk to our advisors.

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