6 Benefits Of Bi-Fold Doors.

Bi-fold doors are all the rage at the moment.

They’re the designer’s product of choice. Watch any episode of Grand Designs if you don’t believe us. Bi-fold doors are popular because they allow the maximum levels of light to enter buildings, whilst offering privacy when needed. Because of their solid construction and ease of use, bi-folding sliding doors are ideal for both homes and businesses that want the option of enjoying a greater feeling of light and that want to turn the outside space into another usable room.

However, the advantages of bi-fold patio doors don’t end there: they also offer other benefits too.

Slim Profile.

Folding patio doors are slimmer and less conspicuous than traditional patio doors or French doors.  Slim profile bi-fold patio doors allow maximum visibility without compromising strength and offer a highly modern look and feel.

Low Maintenance.

With aluminium and UPVC folding patio doors the minimum of maintenance is necessary to keep bi-fold doors looking good for years to come. All that’s required is the occasional wash-down and a dash of oil periodically.


Built to fold and stack neatly to one or both sides of an aperture when open, bi-fold doors allow people to move freely from inside to outside or from one room to another.  Sliding patio and French doors can be impractical in more confined spaces, like opening out onto a balcony or patio: bi-fold patio doors, however, fold away neatly and do not interfere with access.  With a low threshold folding patio doors can be an ideal solution for wheelchair users and the disabled in need of wider access and a minimal step.

Safety and security.

Slim profile ensure the maximum possible glass area and visibility to the outside when closed, yet are completely weatherproof and also offer excellent thermal efficiency. Despite offering incredibly useful access, bi-fold doors are very secure and consequently are widely used in both domestic and commercial environments.

Modern contemporary looks.

SRL’s b-folding doors boast highly sophisticated folding and sliding technology to give many years of trouble free use.  Their versatile design means they can look as aesthetically pleasing in modern contemporary builds and older period properties.


When the weather is good fully-open bi-fold patio doors allow a seamless integration between garden and the interior, and provide free movement in and out of a domestic property.

3 Responses to “6 Benefits Of Bi-Fold Doors.”

  1. My wife and I have been thinking about getting bi-fold doors for our house, and I was curious about what benefits it could bring us! It’s interesting that they are actually very low maintenance, and only really need to be wiped down and oiled. Since we don’t have a lot of time in our days to clean up a door, it would be nice to not have to worry about it.

    • Hi Frank, Bi Fold doors are the perfect addition to any home. If you would like to discuss further please do not hesitiate to contact a member of our team directly on 0161 343 6253. Thanks.

  2. I like that you mentioned how low maintenance bi-fold doors are, especially given the fact that all you need is the occasional wash-down. My wife and I have been looking for a new door to replace the old one at the back of the house because neither of us likes it. My house is pretty busy and gets messy easily, being that I have five children. Having a material that’s easy to clean and low maintenance makes things that much easier.

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