6 Best Practices for Keeping your Shop Front Neat and Tidy

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Keeping your shop front clean is probably one of the most important things to do in order to keep your customers coming back, or wanting to come in in the first place. Though keeping it clean is obvious, there are many ways you could be keeping it visually pleasing and easy to maintain.

Ensure Products are of a high standard

There is nothing more irritating when cleaning your shop front windows and doors than seeing nothing but smudges and grease residue after a good fifteen minutes of getting to work. It’s important to use high quality products for the best shine, and ensure you have a good quality, clean and unused cloth.

Keep the Walls Clean

To some, this may be obvious. To others, not so much. It is just as important to keep the walls and frames around the shop front as clean as possible. Make sure there are no handprints or scratch marks, otherwise it will heavily reduce the quality of the display. It might be a good idea to invest in a steam cleaner, and clean as you go as opposed to deciding to clean it once a month.


Imagine your shop front displaying boutique dresses, stunning shoes, beautiful hats… On a dirty mannequin. As it is positioned directly in the window, natural light will make it very clear where the dirt is. Dust is also an issue as it will gather quite quickly, so it’s important to dust it down at least once a week.

Say Goodbye to Chipped Paint

There is nothing less appealing about a shop front than seeing chipped paint along the walls. It’s easy to think that keeping your shop front clean means to only think about the inside, but the outside needs just as much attention as that is what people see before they walk in. And if it’s not appealing on the outside, why would people want to see what’s on the inside? So get the paint out and start fixing up the exterior!

Good Lighting is Key

Why would you keep your display clean if no one is able to see it clearly? Good lighting showcases your best products and encourages your potential customers to engage! It’s also rather cost effective. Make sure lightbulbs are kept dusted and replaced if broken.


There are two reasons for keeping your shop front minimal. The first is that it looks better if you display your favourite items, and not as many as you can cram in there. Secondly, you will find it easier to clean around the shop front if you have less to move about. Though you don’t want your display to appear empty, you need to think about what is selling fast, what’s new and exclusive, and maybe what’s on sale!

Your shop front is the first thing people see when walking by, so you want to give them a reason to stop, look, and wander in to see what you have to offer. SRL Ltd understand the importance of a shop front for a business, which is why we offer tough, structural glass, as well as other double glazed units to help you showcase your products to the world. To see what we can do to help you get the most out of your shop front, talk to one of our team today.

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