Part 2- 7 Home Improvement Ideas That Can Boost The Value Of Your Home By 80%.

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Here is the second part of our article on home improvement ideas.



Like kitchens, bathrooms can quickly become quite shabby. Having a new one fitted will set you back thousands, but it is possible to get a decent suite for much cheaper. You can also experiment with other options such as the standard combo of bathtub, toilet and sink. En-suite shower rooms, washrooms and wet rooms are increasingly popular and affordable.

Depending on the age of your property, you may have a low bedroom to bathroom ratio. Modern houses are around 2 bedrooms to 1 bathroom, so ensure your homes’ facilities are up to standard.

Before you balk at the potential cost, know that research by the Halifax group shows that homes with a new bathroom fitted before showing, caused an increase inn property value of over £3,000.


With most of the interior sorted and spruced up, take your attention outside. Gardens can add to the value of your property, you can almost think of them as a room on their own. Remember, this may be the first view of your home that buyers will see. Invest In some pots and hanging baskets for trailing plants and the services of a tree surgeon to trim any unsightly branches.

The back garden should be set up in a way that appeals to both families with kids and busy professionals. These two extremes can be catered for by keeping grass short and hedges well trimmed. This simple approach will give green thumbed experts ample room to work their magic, while still allowing gardening novices free reign to experiment. Having a patio door that looks out on the well-tended garden is a huge selling point.


With sky rocketing energy bills and more people looking for ways to save money, having energy efficient windows and doors are a bonus. Advances in technology have allowed numerous characteristics to be applied to the glass used for doors and windows. From making them triple glazed to keep heat in and cold out; to coating them so they reflect the suns rays, the options are almost limitless.

Check that there are no leaks that allow those cold drafts in. This is common in older properties with windows that do not have rubber seals around the edges. Even when fitting modern doors, check that the rubber gaskets around the doors and windows are not ripped or out of shape in any way.

These improvements have historically added between 10% and 80% to the value of properties sold In the UK over the past decade. If you are tempted to go overboard and do even more, please refrain from doing these, if your aim is to increase sale value:

  • Adding a Swimming Pool.
  • Extensive Landscaping.
  • Fitting Wall to Wall Carpets.

These may be to your taste, but they may not fit in with the plans of the prospective buyer. They then become an expensive but unwanted addition.

While it is easy to itemise the best value improvements, carrying out the renovation depends on your budget, the planning permissions you get, the state of the housing market and even what you ultimately plan to do with the house. If you are bent on keeping it, you may not bother with how other people feel about your décor. On the other hand, if you want to sell, you generally need to keep things fairly neutral.

At SRL Limited, we stock the latest in automatic bi-fold doors and regular bi fold patio doors.

We like to think we help our customers make the best possible decisions. With a look at your plan, we can help you choose the best patio door that will fit and thus increase your property value or one that you will enjoy gazing out of for years to come. Contact us today.

Part 1 is here.

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