7 Steps To Make Your Industrial Roller Door Last Longer

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Many shop owners regard the purchase and installation of a roller shutter door as all that needs to be done to protect their business.

For the first few months, that may be true, but after about six months, constant maintenance will be required. Many small business owners choose to ignore this as it isn’t an ”essential” part of day to day business.

If you agree with this, let us consider the potential cost when the door finally packs it in.

According to Murphy’s law, that would most likely be on the day you are about to have a large sale event. Imagine all your new stock in the shop, but the customers locked out of the shop! What would the potential loss of revenue do to your profits? Are you willing to sacrifice customers because you were pinching pennies?

Follow these crucial steps every shop owner needs to watch out for, and you won’t have to face that situation:

1. After your doors fitted, book regular call-outs for servicing by qualified engineers. A regular checkup, usually bi-annually, will help spot any faults before they escalate into unmanageable situations.

2. The age and condition of the roller shutter is an important factor when determining how long it will serve you. In a process called retrofitting, selected parts of the door system are swapped around, in a bid to keep the overall system in good working condition. The point is to keep costs low and still maintain the integrity of the system.

3. Ensure you allow only qualified engineers work on the doors. It’s not enough to have a van with fancy lettering or a slick looking website. All engineers must have a BS:7036 certification. This is a safety standard used in the UK to ascertain their competence and knowledge of British safety standards.

4. No piece of equipment suddenly ups and dies on you. It’s efficiency would have slowly reduced and as we all do, you would have ignored all the signs. Treat all squeaking, screeching, groaning sounds as a warning sign. Attend to them before they degenerate into a major problem.

5. Do your part to ensure smooth functioning of the doors by carrying out weekly checks. Non- technical maintenance such as cleaning the sensors and clearing the tracks of debris, can ensure a longer lifespan for your roller shutter door.

6. Incorrect usage is a leading cause of door failures and subsequent call-outs. You would be astounded at the reasons people give for pushing the door. Our engineers have heard people give all sorts of reasons, ranging from ‘it wasn’t moving fast enough, so I pushed it’ to ‘I was testing to see if the safety brakes work’. While these excuses may seem ludicrous, playing around with large & heavy doors can be quite dangerous, and can end up costing your business a lot.

7. When ordering the doors, have a chat with your installer. Ask them how easy it is to get replacement doors or parts if you choose to retrofit. Knowing the potential costs can be factored into the future budget. Be mindful of these figures, as over time it is possible that some models will even cost more to maintain than the initial install. Know your figures.

A well-functioning roller shutter helps protect your business and your profits. If you are mindful of the smaller things as they occur, you can guarantee the safety of your staff and inventory. At SRL Limited, we specialise in high-quality installations and providing tough roller shutters. We also provide prompt call outs in the Greater Manchester area. Call us today and we can help you choose the right door for your business.

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