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Aluminium Roller shutters are a real all-rounder.

You spend time and money planning your business… choosing the right security for various reason is essential. It needs to “look right” too.

Think of a can of fizzy drink? And the choice of designs? The can is easy to lift, yet robust and appealing? It is aluminium, this material stands up to the elements, excellent anti-corrosion, Strong, easy to operate, long lasting and can be made aesthetically pleasing.

Aluminium roller shutters are lightweight, elegant yet strong.

They are quiet to operate and require little maintenance, yet as strong and secure as heavy steel.

You plan your business with Logos, colour themes, aiming to hit a certain audience? This needs to extend to your external premises including security.

Aluminium roller shutters advantages:

    • Coated with a high-quality thick layer of powder for lasting colour brilliance, no need to keep repainting or spraying.
    • Designed specifically for increased stability and look.
    • Reliable as aluminium expands less than other materials when exposed to heat.
    • Accurate design and fitted to the millimetre for trouble-free use.
    • In the summer keeps premises cool, in winter can retain heat.
    • Secure and safe.
    • Helpful for Temperature control.
    • Protect against theft, stop access.
    • Used in various ways, over windows, doors, or as garage doors.
    • Used for business and also domestic security and protection too.

SRL Ltd can help you with these decisions. We have the experience to help.

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