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Aluminium roller shutters are now designed to complement any architectural design, in fact, they are quite an urban trend.

Gone are the days of roller shutters being designed purely for security reason? Roller shutters are now designed to be aesthetically pleasing, and aluminium is sleek as well as durable.

When renovating a house, flats or offices SRL Ltd’s roller shutters can add the final architectural touch.

Aluminium roller shutters are multi-functional; they offer virtually 100% protection against robbery and unforeseen natural disasters. The design is slim, almost elegant in cases and does not detract from the exterior designs of any buildings. Roller shutters allow a versatility that you don’t get with other forms of shutters or grilles. They can be partially opened and help to control light and temperature as well as protecting against theft and intrusion. When the shutters are rolled up, they are barely visible. We offer both solid and perforated styles, and with advance planning can even be built in to the property for extra convenience. They are available in both manual and electric versions, which means that you have a choice of how you are able to open these shutters.

At SRL Ltd, we offer a full service from initial consultation to installation.

We pride ourselves on quality, competitive prices and excellent service:

  • Aluminium doors provide stability.
  • These doors are readily available.
  • Their maintenance is easy.
  • Aluminium doors are a good choice for houses/offices/ warehouses with modern designs.
  • They provide weatherproof qualities.
  • Aluminium doors do not rust


So, if you are looking for an effective way to ensure your home or business is protected SRL Ltd will find provide roller shutters that are an ideal choice for you. There are several different types of roller shutters available, so no matter what your needs may be, we will always have a roller shutter to suit.

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