Are You Using these 3 Loss Prevention Tactics?

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Open any paper today and you can find at least one report of a burgled home.

Every week, there’s probably one story about a shop or jewellers getting robbed. But how often do you read stories about burglary in non-residential locations? Not often, but the recent Annual Global Fraud Survey provides this data and it isn’t pretty.

Across the globe, across all ten points measured, the incidence of fraud and theft is on the rise. Physical asset theft and information theft, vendor/supplier fraud, financial fraud, IP theft, market collusion and misappropriation of funds have increased across board compared to the previous year.

The manufacturing and warehousing industry has the second highest level of physical asset theft.

Many factors account for this; two of them are:

  • Thefts are mostly in-house, as 77% of all thefts are carried out by an employee.
  • Most warehouses are situated on the outskirts of towns, thus providing burglars the seclusion they need to operate.

To minimise loss of profit and losing a customer, warehouses and distribution centres need to change their approach to combating fraud and theft. A combination of measures is the only way to truly counter the threat.

The basics of loss prevention tactics we have found include:

1. Establish Physical Deterrents.

The use of physical barriers can help prevent employee theft in distribution centres. A wire mesh partition on the shop floor safeguards inventory whilst sectioning off different departments/work areas thus minimising potential collusion. This can be taken a step further by allowing access only with the use of an electronic keycard.

Most warehouse buildings have roller shutters installed. But how efficient are they? If your warehouse still uses manually wound doors, you are leaving yourself open to theft. In the event of a ram raid, a manual door cannot be closed quickly enough to trap the intruders. Ask SRL Ltd about our lightweight but tough roller shutters that are fitted with high-speed motors.

Business owners must also ensure that grilles and roller shutters installed have the minimum industry certification of LPS 1175 or STS 202.

2. Keep An Eye on Everything.

The proliferation of CCTV in Britain is a hot topic in many circles. But in your place of business, it’s an important security element. Avoid cheap cameras and invest in security that can actually help to track burglars. IP cameras equipped with motion detection and night vision capabilities are the minimum we recommend that you install in your distribution centre.

GPS tracking locators can be placed in pallets bound for distribution and used to monitor the journey from one point to another. The system can be set up to monitor both the location of freight and the location of the truck carrying it to determine if any foul play occurs.

False credentials, just like in the movies, have permitted burglars to pose as repair men to gain access to places of business. Whilst there, they disable existing security measures, in preparation of their return. Your security team must always check and double-check any repairmen that come calling.

3. Design.

The Secured by Design initiative by the Police Services of the United Kingdom, was created to help homes and businesses ‘design out crime’. Warehouses, due to their remote locations, can be prone to ramming attacks, To repel such, the SBD advises strengthening of the, normally lightweight, walls.

In trying to cover all bases, security measures can cancel themselves out. An example is the laying out of shelves and racking in a way that provides a clear line of sight for employees. But if the racking is up to a height that obstructs CCTV, it defeats the purpose. When planning your business, be sure to consider the multiple options and how they may interact.

At SRL Limited, we want to provide you with equipment and strategies to protect your freight.

Protect your staff, avoid loss of cargo and employee theft, by taking basic security measures. Contact us today for the best prices of high-speed roller shutters in the Manchester.

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