What are the Benefits of Curtain Walling?

A curtain walling system is an external covering of a building which is non-structural. The purpose of its design is to prevent elements from making their way in. In simple terms, it is an enclosure for vertical buildings which will support only its own weight and the environmental forces which act upon it. Curtain walling
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Why Do So Many People Choose Roller Shutters For Their Business?

What would you say is the best and most cost-effective way of keeping your premises safe and secure without compromising way of access during work hours? There are many options available on the market, but here at SRL Ltd, we believe the most cost effective and efficient solution is electric roller shutters.

Why Bi-Folding Doors Are the Best Option for Light and Security

The ability to bring indoors and outdoors into one place for enhancing light and ventilation in and around buildings has been hindered by windows until the last few decades. In the seventies, sliding patio doors were quite common as they were generally reliable and effective. However, their potential only stretched as far as opening and
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Disability Access Laws in the UK

Being aware of the needs of those with disabilities has not always gone in line with making provisions for them to be able to enjoy equality when trying to access buildings. Undoubtedly, this is largely due to the costs of building adaptations that some business aim to avoid. However, there is also the fact that
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The history of Powder Coating

Powder coating is used all over the world for a huge variety of applications, from car parts to shop front shutters (something we take pride in offering to our customers). Due to it’s process having a better impact on the environment than spray paints, more and more businesses are approaching companies such as SRL to
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6 Best Practices for Keeping your Shop Front Neat and Tidy

Keeping your shop front clean is probably one of the most important things to do in order to keep your customers coming back, or wanting to come in in the first place. Though keeping it clean is obvious, there are many ways you could be keeping it visually pleasing and easy to maintain.

Is your Shop Front bringing in Customers?

As a store owner, keeping your shop front design fresh and up to date can be difficult. Though many chain stores have to follow a specific brand guideline which they have been handed, independent store owners are working with their own design in mind. We have spoken before about the benefits of having bi-folding doors
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Choosing The Right Colour For Your Shop Front

Your shop front shutters should be more than just a typical, grey covering to keep your business secure after hours. It’s an investment to keep you as safe as possible, but as we have mentioned before, it can be a fantastic way to keep people reminded that your shop or cafe is there and worth
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Powder Coating: How Environmentally Friendly is it?

Most people who are looking to powder coat their shop fronts usually do so because they are looking for an option that is ecologically conscious and long lasting. Powder coating your shutters are a great way to keep them protected over the years while staying as environmentally friendly as possible. We have spoken briefly before
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Your Business: 6 Reasons You Need Bi-Folding Doors

When designing the interiors for your small business, not only will you need to consider your personal taste, but you need to be thinking about your customers. Whether you own a flower shop or a local bar or cafe, you may want to consider bi-folding doors as a way to make your business more welcoming.
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