How Could Automatic Doors Benefit Your Business?

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Doors are often overlooked – considered only as a point of entry. But have you ever thought about how the door to your business could literally be your entry point to higher footfall, a larger customer base and greater financial success? If accessibility, eco-friendliness and profitability are of concern to you, automatic doors may be the answer.

A more accessible impression

Retail psychologists have worked out that the way a business appears has a lot to do with how customers interact with it. Branding counts for a lot – and your premises are an extension of that. Signage, window displays and even the pathway outside your building all have a role to play in the decision-making process. Entry points also influence the impression of your company passersby receive. A closed door is known to be off-putting (and signals closure), whilst open doors can be troublesome from a security and economical point of view. Automatic doors are welcoming by nature – as we’re biologically programmed to opt for the ‘easy way’. Automatic doors are also space saving – perfect for businesses occupying smaller rooms or buildings.

Compliant and eco-friendly

Disabled access is a hot topic for business owners with older premises. Whilst disabled access is lawful it’s also good for business – as without it you could exclude a significant portion of your target market. However, some buildings don’t lend themselves all too well to being accessible. Steep, high stairways, narrow walkways and heavy doors can all make navigating shops, restaurants and public places difficult for customers with additional needs. Automatic doors enable swift, easy access to a variety of properties. They are incredibly versatile – fitting in flexibly with a range of building designs and sizes. For example, large automatic doors can open and close in one movement or two, whilst for more compact spaces they can even slide into a wall cavity or behind glass.

Automatic doors are also eco-friendly. They only open when required to and close immediately, so less heat is lost as a result. Glass doors also allow light to pour into your premises and can be double-glazed or specially tinted to conserve energy. As a result, your business can enjoy the financial benefits but also the ethical rewards sustainability brings. Automatic doors can also be set to open at specific perimeters or at the touch of a button to further save energy and conserve heat during winter months.

Customise your look

One issue many businesses find with standard options is the lack of customisation available. Brand identity is important – and you’ll need to ensure that your new automatic doors blend in perfectly with the rest of your exterior design. Our primary role in many of the developments we undertake is to enable the businesses we work with to improve the impression they project to their clients and become more profitable. For this reason, we ensure that we have a range of options available – in particular our powder-coating service with a huge range of colours available. This means that your door and window frames can be incorporated seamlessly into your existing design – eliminating the need for a costly total refit or additional improvements.

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