Avoid Long Term Expenses With These Short Term Fixes

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With more warehouses opening up across the UK, having the correct business process in place is key to maintaining profitable operations.

Getting the warehouse premises is usually the easy part; outfitting it to accommodate your specific needs is where many entrepreneurs make mistakes. From staffing to layout to equipment to financing decisions, there is a quite a lot to factor in, and costly wrong decisions are usually made.

Let’s take the doors, for example; back in the day, industrial doors were easy to buy and install.

You were usually even given a ‘lifetime’ guarantee. This was largely due to their ease of operation (how hard can it be to wind a chain and release it when you are done)? These days, the multitude of health and safety rules that all industries must comply with, have made door systems more complex.

Safety sensors, warning lights and induction loop systems are some of the safety equipment that many industrial doors must have to be HSE compliant. This complexity increases the sheer amount of moving parts that modern roller doors have. An increased number of parts translates into higher maintenance and replacement costs.

This brings us to the two key issues that buyers need to be aware of i.e. guaranteeing the quality of the door and knowing the appropriate maintenance regime. Sadly, many buyers fail to take note of these issues. This ultimately leads to having to replace multiple components or even the whole door some times. A prospect, many don’t look forward to, especially when it occurs within the first six months of purchase.

At SRL Limited, we urge prospective buyers to visit our production site.

This allows them to see the range, quality of stock, available spare parts stock and the level of after sales service they can expect to receive. Other immediate fixes that can prevent long term expenses include:

Avoid Importing Sub-standard doors.

Many first time buyers also make the mistake of simply ordering over the Internet, usually from overseas. This is done to save costs, but how can you guarantee that the products you will receive have the CE mark to show they have been tested to acceptable European standard? Most of these doors suffer the problems of no after sales support, lack of replacement parts and inadequate service manuals.

Not Using Multi-purpose doors.

Advancements in the industrial door market has led to developments of doors that can serve more that one purpose. The highly popular rapid roll doors that are used in high traffic forklift entrances, can now be fitted with insulated steel slats. This allows them to double as external security doors, while still insulating the premises.

Not Using Professional Help.

Consulting the wrong type of workman can only lead to disaster. Leaving the selection and installation of the doors in your warehouse to a regular builder is the first step to disaster. You should retain architects who will liaise with professional door suppliers & installers to come up with the best option for your particular business.

The major mistake many buyers make is focusing on the initial cost versus the lifetime cost of installing the door. If a good quality door is installed from the onset, it can last up to 25 years without any problem. Add the energy saving features of doors supplied by SRL Limited, and you have an even larger profit.

Doing your due diligence may cost a bit of time and money up front, but it will save you lost man hours, downtime of equipment and potential solicitor’s fees. At SRL Limited, we supply industrial doors that meet your specifications, and we provide emergency callout services. Call us today.

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