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With summer around the corner, the warmer weather seems to attract more than butterflies and bees.

There is also an increase in the number of homes being burgled. Summer burglaries are almost always committed through open windows and doors. The ensuing psychological trauma is extensive due to the violation and intrusion into the victim’s private territory. Even if there was nobody at home when it happened, the feeling of being violated lingers.

However most burglaries can be prevented as many burglaries are generally opportunistic crimes. These ‘opportunities’ present themselves when homeowners make slight errors of judgement. In a report by the West Midlands Police, ex-burglars revealed that a simple home alarm system would deter most break-ins.

They also admitted to looking for:

  • homes with no alarm system or with limited security;
  • homes with no dogs (no matter how small in size),
  • homes that seemed vacant, with no cars in the driveway.

The report showed how brazen criminals are as some will pretend to be salesmen, just to see if there is anyone at home. Others claim to use Google Street View to look up homes in upscale residential areas. These findings are relayed here to remind homeowners that even though you don’t know it, you’re probably being watched.

Police forces around the country will roll out summer initiatives to remind home owners and business owners how to review and upgrade their security. Why wait? By following SRL Limited’s recommended steps, including the installation of roller shutters, you can secure your home before then.

First, abandon the mindset that ‘it can’t happen to me’. Nobody is safe from burglars. Even Premiership footballers with homes behind huge walls have been burgled; nobody is safe. Before you order that infrared CCTV rig and install panic buttons in every room of the home, use these tips to improve your security.

1. Always start with a professional security assessment.

Invite a locksmith to examine your locks and make sure that they are up to the required standard and possess marks of quality; like the BSI Kitemark and CE ratings. Professional locksmiths can also assess the surrounding area and make recommendations on the best type of security for your home.

2. With the assessment done, resist the temptation to DIY.

The Internet is full of guides that can teach you how to do just about anything. You can buy and install a security kit, but is that really a better option than using a professional? Remember that the information you obtain online is also available to an enterprising burglar.

3. If roller shutters were recommended, don’t panic.

You don’t have to install heavy steel shutters that turn your terraced house into Alcatraz. A professional installer can design a custom lattice, a collapsible mesh grille or a simple 5-bar gate to fit your property. Remember, that on seeing minimum security, most burglars will avoid the property.

4. Windows are popular entry points for break-ins.

Though glass can be easily broken, most criminals don’t go for this noisy option. Instead, they attack the frame, using crowbars to separate it from the walls. By ensuring that doors and windows are mounted with non-removable screws so that you can protect this potential entry point.

5. Cheaper is never better as you’ll get what you pay for.

When choosing an installation firm, it’s best to shop local. Are their products of the highest quality and made for local conditions? Do they offer unlimited call-outs? What about any maintenance packages? While these ‘extras’ may increase the price of the shutters, they also guarantee that you have professionals available at any time.

Folks, keeping it simple still works. The study of ex-burglars revealed that by simply addressing environmental factors like a lack of cover and brightly lit surroundings also deter opportunistic crime.

SRL Limited, based in Ashton, will install modern roller shutters that fit your home without making it look like a fortress. If privacy and safety are important to you, contact us today.

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