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Often one of the biggest tasks facing businesses who reside on the high street is a point of difference. How can they stand out against rows of buildings usually made of the same materials, with similar signage, similar sized windows? It’s all too easy to simply place a brightly-coloured sign above the door or fill a shop window with eye-catching designs, but is that enough to get noticed and prevent your business from blending in?

Assess the surrounding environment

Before making any changes it’s useful to assess the environment surrounding your business. Have a look at what other businesses are doing. Is it remarkable? Does it catch your eye? Or have you barely noticed them before until now when you are looking for a reason? Make a note of what you feel works and what doesn’t. The businesses with the most effective exteriors will be using certain techniques you may be able to make use of yourself.

See what competitors do in other locations and ask what works for them

Once you’ve had a look and made observations locally you can widen your search and target businesses who offer a similar service or product to you. See whether what they are doing makes a difference to sales and footfall. Your findings may surprise you – as some may be using design techniques and colour schemes you’d never have considered before.

Use subtle yet eye-catching design

Designs don’t have to be garish or attention-grabbing to be effective in driving sales. In fact, often subtle additions are much more likely to attract the right sort of business – and it’s the overall effect of several elements which is often eye-catching. You’ll need to assess your clientele and think about what type of thing would compel them to set foot through your door. Then consider colour schemes and additional essentials such as signage and lighting before thinking about how it will all come together as a whole.

Re-assess branding

It may be worth re-assessing your branding when you are investing in an exterior fit-out. The reason for this is that your design scheme is likely to need to last for a long time, and if your branding changes or needs to be rectified at any point you’ll need to re-invest and alter your exterior appearance to match. Use this as an opportunity to revamp and refresh your whole business – some may even think a new company has launched when they see your newly designed premises.

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