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The usage of curtain walls in cutting-edge design is becoming more prevalent, and with their incorporation in larger and more famous buildings, there is a higher demand within the realms of architecture for the use of these aesthetical masterpieces. From innovative world architecture to relatively humble domestic grand designs, curtain walls are at the forefront of many construction schemes – with a long list of benefits they bring to the table for a variety of projects. Practical, beneficial or visually appealing, curtain walls aren’t just for use in skyscrapers hundreds of feet high. Even when a building appears to have no relevance or similarity to your own, it’s always interesting to see whether you can take inspiration from other projects to add a touch of the ‘wow factor’ to your own. Here we explore three of the world’s most unusual structures to see how you can be inspired by their employment of curtain walls and other design details.

International Commerce Centre – Hong Kong

This building is not only well-known for being the tallest building in Hong Kong towering at 1,588 ft, but is also quite unique in design and structure. Curtain walls are used all over to create a professional yet interesting look with tapered indented angles and gently sloping corners at the base of the building. Aluminium cladding along with glass curtain walling is also present throughout, creating a clean and neat look and allowing light to pour in. For anyone looking for design inspiration for their building, the International Commerce Centre is a brilliant sample, as the building simultaneously gives off a professional aura with a touch of the mysterious and surreal.

Shiodome City Centre – Tokyo, Japan

This building stands at 708ft tall and is determined to be noticed by the public eye, as it is centred in the town centre of Minato which makes it considerably easier for tourists to find and view. The building is a proud owner of an overall reflective blue-green curtain wall which was specifically designed to maximise the views of its occupants. The curtain wall around the building locks in thermal energy, which inevitably saves on heating bills and therefore has significantly positive environmental benefits. Building design inspiration abounds at the Shiodome City Centre for a number of reasons, but notably, because the building is deliberately placed in an open space, meaning the overall curtain wall structure is naturally very reflective. This is attractive and eye-catching – perfect for imaginative businesses who wish to stand out from the crowd.

The Seagram Building- New York, USA

The Seagram building is a modern masterpiece in architecture and was created with subtle expression and understated exhibition in mind. The building stands at 516ft and is coated in a sheet of curtain walls with steel frames and bronze exterior columns, creating aesthetic expression against the steel. The Seagram building was created with consideration of the architecture’s motto of ‘less is more’, meaning that a simple structure can be just as surprising as an extremely unique building. Though this is a modern and plain building in itself, we can take inspiration from the design and structure, as the simplicity of the design itself really does show that with the right combination of materials, a building can still stand out against others without being extremely large and wildly artistic. Interestingly, the creative use of an overall coat of curtain wall restricts the possibility of any rusting or rotting, as curtain walls are weather-proof. They also allow natural light and energy to penetrate further into the building and keep it from escaping, which saves on energy and electricity bills and gives the building a natural glow.

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