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Powder coating is a technique that we specialise in at SRL. It’s an innovative, contemporary method used to add colour to various materials that were previously hard to paint or tint, such as metals, plastics and polymers. This highly efficient colouring process is great for commercial and domestic clients alike who want the freedom to brighten up their home or business inside and out in an economic and cost-effective way.  

With powder coating, the possibilities are endless

One principal benefit of powder coating for architects and homeowners alike is its versatility. There are hundreds of colours and combinations to choose from, and the process can be carried out on a wide range of materials. New emerging techniques even allow for objects made from MDF to be coloured quickly and easily. This means that powder coating can be used for a massive range of applications and materials of different compositions, shapes, sizes and uses.

Powder coating is economic

Because of the process used in powder coating it is an incredibly economical way to colour materials, saving money and the environment simultaneously.  As the name suggests powder coating involves ‘sticking’ microscopic particles to a material electrostatically, curing it under heat to achieve a robust, heat-resistant and brilliant finish. Therefore unlike conventional methods any overspray can be easily recovered resulting in zero wastage.

Powder coating is quick and efficient

Painting is a laborious task that takes time, patience and a professional on hand for an extended period of time. Where external applications are concerned a painter potentially needs to be onsite for a number of days – and weather conditions must be appropriate. In a workshop situation painting is also labour intensive and therefore costly for bigger sheets of materials and large scale projects. Powder coating provides an excellent solution to these issues. Fast and efficient the turnaround time is much quicker compared with other colouring methods – meaning it can often be more cost-effective, too.

Powder coating enables you to brighten up your home or business

Previously it was difficult to add colour to certain materials – and that often resulted in dull exteriors or mismatched branding. Now with a wide array of colours available using powder coating methods both homeowners and businesses can achieve the aesthetic design they want or need. For example where white, plain metal or bare wood were the only options open when purchasing new windows, doors, roller shutters or structural elements there is now a huge variety of colours available, from magenta to lime green.

For more information on specialist powder coating services from SRL, take a look at our dedicated page or get in touch today.

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