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Looking for the best security measures for your retail store?

Sorry, it just doesn’t exist.

Think about this; 72% of UK retailers’ sites admit they do not have basic encryption security to protect customer data.

Stats from the British Retail Consortium show that levels of fraud and e-crime have risen by 15% since 2014. Think twice the next time you come across a site that asks you to “Remember my card number”.

Let’s face it; shoplifting, smash and grabs, and ram raids can never be completely eradicated. There will always be scoundrels in society; your job is to reduce shoplifting in your store. We’ve written posts about our recommended security measures. Yet business owners still keep looking for the ‘best’ security measure. There isn’t ‘one’. All the common deterrents used in tandem simply work.

To discourage shoplifters, consider these security measures:

1. Use a revamped store design to reduce shoplifting:

  • Rearrange your aisles; make them so that shoppers can only enter at one e end and leave at the other.
  • Reduce the height of the aisles to prevent shoplifters using tall shelves as a shield to hide your merchandise.
  • Eliminate blind spots with angled mirrors at the end of aisles.
  • Avoid placing expensive stock in unmonitored areas of the shop.

2. Establish clear cash handling procedures that reduce the possibility of theft by staff:

  • Reduce the amount of cash that builds up before being cleared.
  • Install lockable cash drawers that are bolted to the till.
  • Use two or more staff when transferring money. You can also use cash-in-transit companies to reduce the risk involved in moving cash to the bank.

3. Glass doors seem to beckon to burglars who smash their way in and make away with your merchandise.

In addition to installing an appropriate light, preferably motion-sensitive lights, replace glass doors with security grilles or collapsible grilles. This helps retain visibility but still allows shoppers see the merchandise.

4. Refund fraud is the most common type of this.

Customers buy goods on sale at one store and attempt to return it for a full refund elsewhere:

  • Returns fraud occurs when customers switch price tags in order to get expensive items for cheap.
  • A disturbing trend is the use of card skimming devices at ATMs around your shop.

5. Train employees to spot potential shoplifters and to act professionally at all times.

These are a few common techniques used by potential shoplifters:

  • Walking around with a large open bag. A version of this was recorded on the CCTV of a service station in Coventry in December. A lady pretended to be in a wheelchair and was wheeled around the store. However, CCTV caught her putting merchandise in the open bag in her lap and eventually leave without paying. (In this day of ‘viral videos’, if the staff had chosen to apprehend the duo, instead of putting the video online, maybe the theft would have been prevented.)
  • Be wary of customers who enter changing rooms with multiple items and come out ‘not wanting any.’ Fitting rooms allow them to wear/hide the stock under their own clothes and leave the store without paying.

The one rule is that your staff must remain focused at all times. They are the ones who interact with customers and can tell if something suspicious is going on. Do your part and have an adequate number of employees working at the same time.

SRL Limited, a manufacturer and installer of roller shutters, urges you to examine your existing security measures. We install collapsible grilles and brickbond roller shutters to protect small businesses from vandalism and burglary.

Contact us today for a secure shop front.

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