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The views they offer and the aesthetic qualities they confer are some of the reasons homeowners have used bi-folds for years.

Often sited in rooms overlooking a garden, the glass used in bi-fold patio doors can be coated to allow maximum light in, reduce heat loss, and offer one-way vision for the occupants of the home.

By offering the best possible views of the property location, bi-fold doors have been credited with helping homeowners realise a better ROI on their homes. But are they viable in a commercial setting?

Just how safe would they be in a bustling cafe? Can they stand up to inebriated bar patrons? Will they impede the flow of traffic?

At SRL Limited, we know the benefits of bi-fold doors in commercial properties.



For starters, these doors seamlessly integrate with any opening or building style. Just like in a residence, they allow a smooth, almost-invisible transition from inside to outside. Relatively easy to care for, they can be constructed using aluminium and laminated or toughened glass. The glass can also be treated to make it low-e, reflective or coated glass for one-way vision or conductive oxide coated glasses with low-emissivity properties.


Because the footprint of bi-fold doors doesn’t exceed their profile, they represent an aesthetic yet non-intrusive barrier to the elements. This allows people to get as close to the outside while staying indoors. One business establishment that uses this sentiment a lot is restaurants.

By placing tables right up to the glass, they allow customers to watch stunning views while staying safe indoors. They can also be used inside the restaurant to close off areas for private dining. With one-way vision glass installed, people can see their surroundings, without being seen. The thickness of the glass can also be altered to reduce noise transmission. These doors can also allow so much more light into the premises and improve the ambience.

These qualities also make bi-fold excellent for use in bars and cafes, as they open up additional floor space and allow even more patrons access.

  • Opening them up increases airflow, (the fresh air pouring through seven-foot doors will beat any air conditioning system).
  • Their slim profile and durable construction makes them great for businesses where the doors are in use every day and require a sturdy design.
  • Their low threshold and ‘invisible’ design make them ideal for areas with areas with a high level of foot traffic.

All these qualities show that bi-folds can be used in high traffic areas like shopping centres, hospitals, industrial units, hospitals, and leisure facilities. Still don’t believe us? Keep an eye out if visit town today and you’ll find more bi-fold doors around you than you ever previously noticed.

Now that you see just how versatile and useful a bi-fold can be in any business, ensure you seek council approval before undertaking any property modification.

So, will your business feel the benefits of bi-fold doors?

It depends on the business type. Will your business benefit from more traffic and more people ‘popping in’ to see goods on display; if so, call SRL today.

SRL Limited is a supplier of high-quality bi-fold doors at competitive prices. Our years of experience and the broad range we carry makes us a favourite amongst our clients. Let our experienced designers and workmen show you how the right bi-fold can make your establishment an ideal destination for patrons.

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