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Bi-folding patio doors are an incredibly popular choice for homeowners, designers and businesses alike. For the simple reason that they offer all the benefits of a traditional patio, with added advantages.

Bi-Folding Patio Doors are ideal for homes and businesses

Bi-fold doors allow the maximum levels of light to enter buildings, yet still can offer the required levels of privacy. This makes them ideal for homes – bringing light into living space.  The same goes for businesses that are looking to enhance the feeling of a light airy space.

For any home or business wanting to enjoy a greater feeling of light and airiness, then bi-fold patio doors are the obvious choice. Because of their solid construction and ease of use they are perfect security and can turn any outside space into an additional, usable room.

Here are six reasons we think that bi-fold patio doors make the perfect choice.

1. Easy installation

The beauty of bi-fold patio doors is that they can be transported easily and safely. This is important where access is an issue.

If the only available access to install new patio doors is through the property itself,  traditional sliding doors just won’t be an option.  But because bi-fold patio doors are easy to fold and can be transported much more easily, they can be carried through the property to the installation site without any great upheaval or difficulty.

2. Make use of space

Bi-fold patio doors don’t just improve the look of properties: they encourage better access to outside spaces.

Many properties, both business and domestic, have gardens and outside spaces, but they are often underused because access to the spaces is restricted or difficult.

The addition of bi-fold doors solves that problem. They make access to the garden simple and easy, transforming the way you utilise space. On top of that, they are stylish and elegant, enhancing any property’s appeal and, most importantly, value.

3. Flexible and practical

Although mostly used outdoor, bi-folding doors are not limited to exterior use alone. They can easily be incorporated inside a property as well.

Because of their construction method, bi-folding patio doors can open into or out of a room, or fold left or right. This practicality and added flexibility means that they will cause very little disturbance to the flow of a home, and will not disrupt or interfere with the natural flow of light into rooms and spaces.

4. Ease of use and maintenance free

Bi-folding patio doors run on a free-glide system which is practically frictionless, because of the use of maintenance-free needle roller bearings. This efficient functionality does not deteriorate, no matter how often the bi-folding doors are opened and closed.

5. Style and superior design

Bi-fold patio doors can be delivered to match a wide range of styles and design choices. They are available in a variety of different colours and finishes – including wood-effect finishes which are ideal for more traditionally constructed buildings.

Because of this wide range of choice and variety, bi-fold patio doors can blend seamlessly into the design and aesthetic of any home.

6. Safety and security with Bi-Folding Patio Doors

The slim profile of bi-fold patio doors, deliver the maximum possible glass area and visibility to the outside when closed. Yet, they remain completely weatherproof and offer excellent thermal efficiency.

Despite the ease of access, bi-fold doors are very secure due to their multi-point locking systems. That’s what makes them ideally suited to both domestic and commercial environments.

For more information about bi-folding patio doors, or for a free quote, contact SRL.

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