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When designing the interiors for your small business, not only will you need to consider your personal taste, but you need to be thinking about your customers. Whether you own a flower shop or a local bar or cafe, you may want to consider bi-folding doors as a way to make your business more welcoming. If you’re not entirely sure how this would work, our experts at SRL Ltd are here to share with you the benefits of putting bi-folding doors into your business interiors.

1. Welcome the Light

It should be self explanatory, but a key reason for investing in bi-folding doors is to brighten up the space. Traditional patio doors tend to only expose about sixty percent of the light, but with bi-folding doors, you can get up to ninety percent! Why only have windows and patio doors when you can have almost an entire wall dedicated to bringing in natural light?

2. Brings in more customers

Many researchers have discovered that the way you display your shop or cafe can have a major impact on how many customers you bring in. You want what you’re selling to be seen, by those who are already in, and those who are simply walking by. Bi-folding doors are a wonderful way to show outsiders what you have to offer, thus poking at their curiosity and bringing them inside to know more.

3. Lets in the Outside

Who doesn’t love to dine Alfresco? You will find that when it gets warmer, people prefer to sit outside and soak up as much sun as possible, but on busy days it won’t be available to everyone. Bi-folding doors are a great way for your customers to bring the outdoors and indoors together, creating a Summer environment throughout.

4. Brings fresh air

Tying into the previous point, you don’t want your shop to feel stuffy when it starts to get warm outside. This is a perfect opportunity to let all air flow through and keep your business feeling fresh and relaxing.

5. Rainy Days

Bi-Fold doors aren’t just for warm weather, they actually serve an all year round purpose. Who doesn’t love the sound of rain outside when you’re trying to relax? Encourage people to come in, grab a coffee and a book, and sit by the closed bi-folds to enjoy the sounds of the Greater Manchester weather.

6. Energy efficient

Did you know the insulating properties of bi-folding doors? Surprisingly they are very good at ensuring heat stays in and the cold weather stays away, as and when you deem fit, and what better way to encourage your customers to stick around than keeping them toasty and warm on a miserable day?

At the end of the day, it is your business, and you will want to do all you can to make it as successful as possible. If you agree that bi-folding doors would make a great addition to your shop design and would like to know more, contact SRL Ltd today to discuss how we can transform your small business into a place that makes customers feel welcome.

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