How Can I Increase Footfall And Make Some Positive Changes With A New Shop Front?

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Although the benefits and advantages of a shop front refit are widely known, practically speaking there are many common barriers that prevent business owners from taking the plunge. Often these can be remedied with reassurance and know-how from reputable partners who can help you to make your business dreams a reality without stress or disruption. Here we discuss five common scenarios business owners find themselves in – answering with over 30 years’ experience and expertise to help you make an informed decision regarding your own project.

I want to increase footfall, but my budget is tight

Increasing footfall is a major motive behind many businesses – large and small alike – opting to make exterior changes. But budgetary constraints also play a role. It’s easy to go for a ‘botch job’ or only make several of the necessary improvements required because of a low budget – resulting in a lack of desired results and revenue. At SRL we work closely with our clients from day one, taking into account their overall budget and desired timescale to produce something realistic and remarkable.

I need more space – but I don’t have very much room to expand

When space is at a premium it is of course naturally tricky to expand in the way you would like. However savvy architects and specialist construction companies with plenty of experience should work with you to find solutions rather than focusing on the challenges your situation poses. For example, a small yard area could easily be exploited with a small extension, whilst skylights and the clever use of glass doors can amalgamate indoors with the outdoors.

My exterior is tired-looking and dark

A worn-out shop front naturally projects a worn-out impression of your business. But the good news is that even minor improvements can make a major difference in this case. New windows power coated to perfectly match your branding could give your entire building a new lease of life – whilst cleaned and re-pointed brickwork can make it appear as good as new.

My building is in a conservation area so there’s little I can do to improve it that’s too ‘out there’. Any suggestions?

Conservation orders and planning regulations can make altering your exterior appearance with a new shop front or curtain wall tricky. However, as long as you know and observe the rules (and most importantly have an expert team to guide you and suggest solutions) you will be able to make a significant difference without getting into trouble.

Customers often pass our business by in favour of a competitor. How can I harbour some of their pulling power to survive?

Even if your business is doing well, it’s always good to look to successful competitors for inspiration – whether they’re based locally or further afield. If you feel you are losing out to a competitor, ask yourself subjectively what it is that they do well. How do they attract business with their outward appearance? You can then implement their best tactics in your own unique way to enhance your offering.

If you’re looking to revamp your business with exterior redevelopment, a new shop front or curtain wall, get in touch today for expert advice tailored to you.

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