How You Can Improve Your Security By Installing Domestic Roller Doors

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How much is your safety worth to you?

How much is that new BMW worth to you? A lot, I guess. It would be a shame if anything happened to it. So, why do you insist on practically handing it over to thieves on a platter of gold? How you may ask?

53% of homeowners in the UK that have access to a garage, yet are you are one of the 24% who DO NOT use them for parking cars? Or maybe you do park in it, but your garage door is something from the 70s’. Houses from this period generally have timber-framed garages and only ONE flimsy latch to secure your possessions.

According to the Office of National Statistics, the rate of burglaries through domestic garages, with something taken, has gone up to 12%, in recent years. Add that to the fact that most times, burglaries are not planned but are committed by purely opportunistic criminals. You begin to get the picture that installing a few basic locks can go a long way.

On average, burglaries occur in 6% of cases when no or less than basic security exists, and 1% of cases where basic or enhanced security exists. Enhanced doesn’t mean lasers and guard dogs; simple yet sturdy window locks, double locks or deadlocks on outside doors will suffice.

Think about it. Increased level of safety, if you simply fit locks on doors.

Common sense, right? But you would be astounded at how many homes fail basic security tests. With garages storing everything from cars to new and used household appliances to out-of-season gear, it is important that your garage doors offer a high level of security.

Modern garage doors must have at least a Euro profile cylinder locking system, with a minimum of two locking points. This is only one piece of the security puzzle. The integrity of the door also needs to be top notch. The door panels must be strong & not easily bent, and even the frame must be properly set – whether flush with the garage or not.

Which Garage Door to Buy.

Two popular options are the Side-Hinged and the Up and Over. These are fairly basic steel doors. Manufacturers can supply them with single skinned or insulated panels. With the Euro profile cylinder locks installed, they will deter all but the most hardened of criminals. The side-hinged models can be accentuated by installing remote controls and hydraulic door operators.

Even more common are the Sectional Garage Doors and Roller Garage Doors.

Sectional Garage Doors.

These are a modern twist on the traditional garage door. Using an innovative folding system, the 4 or 5 panel doors hinge back inside the garage, as the door is opened. Available in single or insulated steel or aluminium, sectional doors are a favourite among homeowners with larger garages.

Roller Garage Doors.

These are a very common option for domestic roller door choice in the UK. In keeping with modern times, they are almost always fitted with an electrical mode of operation.

They can be bought as single skin or insulated doors. If insulation isn’t required, a single skin door can be installed. Ensure that the side guides and bottom slats are of excellent quality to prevent forcing of the curtain.

These doors are popular because they combine providing a high level of security with ease of use and maintenance.

Major benefits of domestic roller doors include:

  • Additional security provided.
  • Extra insulation, if double skinned doors are used.
  • Design and colour options can add character to homes and win major style points.
  • Can increase the resale value of the house.

The most important points to consider before you buy are:

  • Your overall budget.
  • The style of your property which will determine the style of the doors you get fitted.
  • Whether insulation is important to you or not.
  • The type of door and its’ complexity will determine the level of maintenance required.

Choosing a garage door can be a bit of a pain. Especially when you have to factor so many options to make a secure and reasonably priced choice. Let the professionals at SRL Limited help you. We carry a wide selection of roller doors. Contact us today for a quote.

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