Can Roller Shutters Be Advantageous In Schools?

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In our UK schooling system, safety and privacy are paramount; Roller shutters will not only provide this but can also have other advantages.

Window Roller shutters, I will go as far to say, can help to create a desirable ambience for our youngsters within your classroom, right from pre-school through to leaving school. In previous blogs, we have talked about how door and window rollers shutters can help with security as well as providing privacy, shelter, insulation, noise monitoring, sound and light control etc. So it is fair to say roller shutters can protect your kids and make their life easier in school!

We know our youngsters and teenagers can be a handful, and we all require space, love and protection, and physiological needs, clearly defined in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. If your school caters for children with varying mental and physical abilities roller shutters can add extra “blocking” abilities in certain rooms if needed.

We know security is guaranteed with roller shutters, but what about the other advantages?


As a nation, we expect our children to be monitored and have a degree of privacy at school. With window or door roller shutters we can easily create a comfort zone for them and make the children feel safe.

Sound Control.

At school, we know there is a time and a place for making noise and for keeping quiet. Suppressing expression and emotions can cause long term mental illness, allowing this through play, dance, drama and other curricular activities Roller shutters for windows and doors can be installed between to help reduce noise from travelling to other classrooms and rooms within the school.

Heat Control.

In the UK, our weather is known for being “changeable” we can’t control the weather but we have the option to monitor room temperature. Installing roller shutter windows and doors gives you an extra opportunity for keeping the warmth in during the winter or stopping the heat from entering during the summer.

Light Control.

During school activities, there may be a time when you need to control the light. This could be dependent on the students’ abilities, or the time of year, or what you have planned for the lessons.
Installing a single sheet of roller shutters is enough to limit entry of light if required.

Keeping in with the school colours!

For aesthetic reasons, roller shutters can be found in numerous shades. This means you can have the roller shutters matching the school’s colours.

UV Safety.

In the UK as we don’t have searing sun as in other countries, we can sometimes become complacent when it comes to UV protection Shelter from UV Rays: If someone asked you would like your kids to be adversely effected by the UV rays of the sun? I’m sure you would say no. By installing roller shutter windows, you can shield the students and staff from the harmful effects of the UV rays.

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