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Over the past decade or two, traditional shop fronts have been thrown out in favour of eye-catching, more contemporary designs which inevitably fit with the general direction that high street and indeed larger retailers have taken.

Yet it’d be a mistake to forget traditional design – especially for retailers whose businesses reflect nostalgia and historical interest. A resurgence in traditional design has been noticeable in recent years, as businesses (especially retro outlets, antique dealers and artisan retailers) reject the grey meld of metal and glass for the colour and character of years gone by.

In this blog we explain that traditional doesn’t need to be boring – and how in fact it could benefit your business and increase footfall just as effectively (if not more efficiently) than a basic yet more contemporary design.

Traditional can stand out by default

In a street filled with faceless concrete buildings and properties which all look the same, a traditional shopfront can actually create a real talking point, especially for residents who do remember a bygone era. This can be achieved simply by exposing old brick, fitting a vintage bevelled window or placing a swinging hand-painted sign over the door.

Traditional can be blended with contemporary

Traditional doesn’t have to be ‘all out’ to be effective. In fact, minor novelty touches can be very appealing. The key to incorporating traditional designs is to ensure that whatever is proposed reflects the nature of your business. Many independents do this well, incorporating traditional wooden signage and window displays to demonstrate their ‘small and local’ ethos.

Traditional doesn’t have to be boring

Traditional can be exciting and eye-catching – as although for many the word represents bricks and timber-frame windows the term actually encompasses many more features and qualities. For example, chalkboards can be used in an innovative way to allow food retailers and restaurants to share their goods in a traditional fashion, whilst tiles and reclaimed oak and ironwork can be added to what would ordinarily have been an unremarkable exterior to add interest and demand attention from passers-by.

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