Casement Windows – What Are They, And How Could They Benefit Your Business Or Home?

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At SRL we often focus on contemporary designs and applications – as these are increasingly popular as businesses look to brighten up their exterior and homeowners favour a fresh, clean appearance. However, one type of window installation offers a welcome touch of nostalgia – perfect for homeowners and architects who need to retain a heritage feel or opt for something unique. Here we explain why the comeback of casement windows is perfect for contemporary properties and projects.

What are casement windows?

Casement windows are defined by their appearance and design. Specifically, they are attached to their frame by hinges at the side, allowing for greater flexibility and airflow. Similar in design and appearance, awning windows hinge at the top. As these windows are independent from one another they are usually used individually, or combined in pairs or sets of three or four. Held open by a ‘casement stay’ – a small lever that fills the space between the window and its frame, they’re charming in style – and they’re now a practical modern addition to any home. Casement windows are ‘old fashioned’ by nature – they’ve been in architectural circles for a long time and preceded the sash window, another popular heritage style. Modern variations however take the best elements of the casement window and expand it to suit a range of styles and applications.

What types of casement windows are available?

Casement windows are diverse in their shapes and styles – and this is one principle reason behind their recent rise in popularity. In modern homes where slender frames are favoured casement windows provide the perfect solution – opening out at the base without affecting overall appearances. Casement windows can be large, or small – as shown in our example on our product page. They can also be combined with static installations. One example of this application is in a nursing home, hospital or school, where it’s impractical for large windows to open, but ventilation is still required. In this instance, casement windows can be added above or below to provide much-needed fresh air and aesthetic appeal. Whether your interest is commercial or domestic, it’s worth exploring the options in detail with us to see what type and size of casement window suits your requirements.

What benefits do casement windows provide?

With their sleek aluminium finish, slender frame and a wide range of colours available, the first thing to say about casement windows is that they are attractive. It’s a principle reason behind their recent comeback – combined with versatility and practicality. Another significant benefit of casement windows is improved ventilation. The ‘swing’ design enables fresh air to flow through and into the home or office environment, whilst stale air can leave effortlessly. SRL casement windows are crafted in-house with superior manufacturing methods and materials. We’re able to provide a wide range of designs and styles with excellent levels of security, thermal efficiency and weather performance to suit a variety of applications.

Are casement windows right for you? Speak to us today to explore the options available with our team of glazing and installation experts.

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