The Right Bi-fold Patio Doors Can Help You Stay Warm This Winter

Winter is well and truly with us this week, as temperatures drop below freezing for much of the country. A few years ago, having bi-fold patio doors fitted wasn’t such an attractive option in this weather. Not only were problems with poor security there were also high levels of energy inefficiency, largely due to the
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Choosing The Right Patio Doors For Your Home

Choosing the right solution for your patio doors is important. Not only do you need a practical solution, it also needs to be cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing. Here at SRL, we are manufacture specialists in manufacturing bi-fold patio doors that are perfect for home and business situations. As patio doors and bi-fold doors are now
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Fire Doors – Why Does Frame Quality Matter?

When purchasing fire doors, it’s natural for companies to focus on the quality and specification of the door itself – without considering its frame. Fire doors comprise of two components – the door itself, and its frame – and together they form an effective barrier against flames and smoke. One doesn’t work well without the
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Easily Brighten Up Your Property With Versatile Windows And Doors

If you’re looking to brighten up your home or business without hassle or expense, there are many options available that are both cost-effective and minimally disruptive. There are now a remarkable number of products on the market to help homeowners to make the most of their properties – and many are designed to be versatile
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5 Ways Patio Doors Can Brighten Up Smaller Homes

Patio doors are a great addition to any home – but where smaller properties are concerned they are a fantastic way to completely transform a living space. In this blog we explain how a patio door installation can be employed in conjunction with other innovative techniques to brighten and beautify your home.

Three Important Things To Consider When Installing Patio Doors At Home

Patio doors are a fantastic addition to any home. Versatile and practical they boast an array of aesthetic benefits, making them the perfect way to connect your interior with a garden or outdoor seating area. They’re understandably a popular and simple way to transform a room and brighten up the exterior appearance of your home
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Benefits Of Aluminium Residential Bi-Fold Foors

How could bi-fold doors add light and space to your interior? Many homeowners struggle with two issues in the home – lack of space, and poor lighting. In fact, the need to resize is behind over 40% of property sales in the UK. But recently there has been a focus on smart solutions that enable
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