Why Choose a Curtain Walling System for your Business Premises?

What is a curtain Walling System? Curtain walling systems are becoming more common on shop fronts and business premises. An outer non-structural covering of a building, curtain wall systems are designed to keep the elements out. In simple terms, a curtain wall is a secondary wall which sits outside the main walls of your business
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Common corporate construction issues – solved (Part 1)

At SRL, we’re used to working out ways around tricky briefs – requirements that are much more common than you may think. A retail outlet in desperate need of space to store stock – with only an attic with low eaves to work with. A pub needing an outdoor area that can be used in
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Curtain Walls – Structural Vs Superficial

Curtain walls have a range of applications – but mostly they are known as a great way to embellish a property for aesthetic gain. But whilst they don’t serve a structural purpose, they do boast other benefits that more drastic constructive work could be more time-consuming to emulate. Here we look at some common goals and
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Why Are Curtain Walls Enjoying Increased Popularity In The UK?

Some businesses feel that curtain walls are reserved only for skyscrapers in the US, Asia and the Middle East. But they’re becoming increasingly popular amongst businesses (and buildings) of all sizes here in the UK. In this blog, we investigate why – and share how you can harness the positive power of a curtain wall
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How Can I Increase Footfall And Make Some Positive Changes With A New Shop Front?

Although the benefits and advantages of a shop front refit are widely known, practically speaking there are many common barriers that prevent business owners from taking the plunge. Often these can be remedied with reassurance and know-how from reputable partners who can help you to make your business dreams a reality without stress or disruption.
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How To Prepare Your Business For A New Shop Front Or Curtain Wall Installation

It’s no secret that significant building work and even minor changes can have a negative impact on the day-to-day running of a business. With building work comes a lot of hassle and disorganisation, which can reduce footfall, damage reputation and ultimately cost a business money. This is especially true for those in the customer-facing trade,
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Do I Need Planning Permission For A Curtain Wall Installation?

As curtain walls are classed as non-structural, some make the mistake of neglecting to apply for planning permission, going ahead with their installation regardless. But failure to apply for planning permission when needed could result in an incredibly costly and frustrating conflict. Without respective planning permission granted you could find your business in significant financial
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4 Questions To Ask When Considering A Curtain Wall

Curtain walls are increasingly becoming an option smaller businesses are seriously considering when refitting or improving their exterior. In this post we explore four vital questions you’ll need to carefully consider when embarking on securing a curtain wall for your business premises.

Surprising Facts About Aluminium

Most curtain walls are constructed using Aluminium – and because of its unique qualities this lightweight, strong material has various uses across many sectors. In this blog we explore just how this incredible material is changing the world – not just in the construction and architecture industries but also in engineering, manufacturing and medicine.