Is A Curtain Wall Installation Right For My Business?

Curtain walls are becoming increasingly popular for businesses of all sizes. Once reserved only for larger companies with huge premises or new build projects, now they can be incorporated into a wide range of properties with benefits for all involved.

How Can Routine Maintenance Save You Money?

Most properties need routine maintenance carried out in order to continue to look their best. Not only does it maintain a positive impression, it also helps to avoid costly breakages and repairs which can be caused by small issues and build up of dirt left rather than addressed, which become larger issues over time. Conserving
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Three Ways Cost-Effective Curtain Walls Can Save Money

Curtain walls possess a number of attractive advantages. Aesthetically they are pleasing to the eye, and practically they are lightweight yet strong. However additionally for businesses who want to streamline expenditure and preserve funds they are an especially interesting option. This is particularly important for companies with several properties or large premises which require a
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Can Traditional Still Be Eye-Catching?

Over the past decade or two, traditional shop fronts have been thrown out in favour of eye-catching, more contemporary designs which inevitably fit with the general direction that high street and indeed larger retailers have taken.

Stronger Structures

A shop front installation, exterior design or curtain wall must be visually appealing. It needs to actively attract new customers whilst pleasing existing clients and offering a positive impression of your business and brand to any passers-by. But whilst aesthetic appeal is understandably a key element when considering the design and installation of exterior fit-outs
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Be Inspired

The usage of curtain walls in cutting-edge design is becoming more prevalent, and with their incorporation in larger and more famous buildings, there is a higher demand within the realms of architecture for the use of these aesthetical masterpieces. From innovative world architecture to relatively humble domestic grand designs, curtain walls are at the forefront
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Increasing Sales With Curtain Walls

Although the quality of goods is crucial in any business, customers won’t consider experiencing any product or service if they shy away from the buy because their first impression was tainted by dilapidated premises. Unsurprisingly, the overall look of your building inevitably has an impact on the impression that potential customers obtain at first glance.
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Winter Protection and Maintenance

All too soon, the winter months have arrived and with them comes unavoidable harsh weather. This can definitely be a potentially expensive situation for anyone running a business with premises to keep an eye on. Harsh weather can be tough on shopfronts – especially those incorporating curtain walling. As curtain walling is not a source of support to
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The Evolution Of The Curtain Wall

Curtain walls are something that modern day buildings or properties tend to incorporate more and more these days (even if at first glance they’re not obvious), but what a lot of people don’t know is that they’re not exactly new. Whilst their design is often contemporary and the materials and techniques used in their construction
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How Could A Curtain Wall Benefit Your Business?

Many commercial landlords and businesses are turning to curtain walling as a robust alternative to costly building or repair work. There are a few reasons for this – and a strong set of advantages which make a curtain wall a safer, more secure and much more cost-effective option when property owners are faced with the
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