4 Things To Consider When Planning A Conservatory Or Orangery

Orangeries and conservatories are fantastic additions to any home. They add financial value and enhance the surrounding environment – adding open, airy and bright space filled with beautiful natural light. They also provide an inexpensive opportunity to expand your living space.

Transform Your Roof Space With Glass

Whether you are investing in a loft conversion to secure more space within your property or simply fancy a new look for your home, window installations and roof modifications can significantly improve the look and feel of your interior. It can sometimes be difficult to transform what was previously a loft or storage area into
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Could You Modify To Delay A Move?

Business owners and homeowners alike eventually reach the stage where they feel it’s time to move on. Perhaps they no longer have enough space – or have outgrown their property in other ways. Whatever the motivation, a move isn’t always possible for a number of reasons. Expense, stress and disruption are all clear disadvantages –
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Powder Coating Vs Paint

At SRL we use a method called powder coating extensively for a range of applications. This versatile process often supersedes traditional painting for a smooth finish and cost-effective end result. But when is powder coating a better option, and why is it rapidly replacing painting?

Casement Windows – What Are They, And How Could They Benefit Your Business Or Home?

At SRL we often focus on contemporary designs and applications – as these are increasingly popular as businesses look to brighten up their exterior and homeowners favour a fresh, clean appearance. However, one type of window installation offers a welcome touch of nostalgia – perfect for homeowners and architects who need to retain a heritage
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Spotlight On Structural Glass

Often underestimated and understated, structural glass has been a popular design feature and practical element of new builds and redevelopments for some time now. Getting to grips with its wide range of uses and applications could be highly beneficial for your company’s profitability or convenience or your home life. But what exactly is structural glass,
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How Could Automatic Doors Benefit My Business?

Automatic doors once only came in the large, clumsy or rotating variety. However contemporary versions are in fact incredibly versatile, designed to fit seamlessly into a variety of businesses and applications. Here we share just a few benefits for companies of all shapes and sizes to consider when replacing doors and windows.

5 Signs That Your Home Needs New Windows

As a homeowner, it’s likely you’re always on the lookout for the elements of your property that need essential maintenance, whilst focusing on saving for the unnecessary yet aesthetic improvements you want to make. Most people tend to put off the expense and upheaval of replacing windows – but from both a visual and practical
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Common corporate construction issues – solved (Part 2)

A couple of weeks ago we shared the first part of this blog – covering common construction issues and explaining how expert involvement can help you to easily find a solution. Here in the second instalment we continue to help you to find ways around issues and challenges that crop up for businesses making exterior
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