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The sad fact is that crime is here to stay.

A report by the ONS reports that crime rates soar in summer. This is simply because more of us are leaving doors and windows open to allow some fresh air in. This allows opportunistic burglars access to our prized possessions.

Our shops and offices are no different as opportunistic thieves will take advantage of any opening to loot.

Over the years, various security solutions have been devised to thwart their efforts. While they all work, the problem is knowing what to use when. Common solutions include:

  • employing security guards.
  • installing alarm systems both monitored and stand alone.
  • security fencing, using fence toppers like razor wire or rota type spikes.
  • CCTV.
  • reinforcing glass partitions.

All these examples are effective in preventing a burglary, but most are expensive and definitely not aesthetically appealing. Other options include roller shutters; concertina grilles, steel security doors, fixed grilles and security mesh, but are they always practical? Take roller shutters, for example, they are effectively used in many shop fronts. But if your property is south facing and due to the threat of theft, you choose to keep the shutters down all day, your home will quickly reach sauna-like temperatures. Knowing which security solution to use in different situations is vital for efficiency.

Let’s see what makes a burglar pick one property over another. A reformed burglar gave the following tips on what may make your property a target.

  • No alarms or strong gates.
  • No ‘nosey’ neighbours i.e. secluded location.
  • No fence toppers/razor wire.

Knowing this, how can you choose, if you don’t have access to razor wire or gates? One common yet highly effective and inexpensive solution is the use of a security grille.

Let’s look at some of the advantages of a security grille over other common security measures.

Security grilles vs. Alarms.

When they were first introduced, alarms deterred robbers, but these days, the Met Police respond less frequently. This is due to the cost of false alarms, a whopping £100 per call out. One of the measures devised to curb this was to link your alarm to a registered alarm monitoring centre who then notifies the police if it goes off. The problem with this is that any enterprising thief would have made off with your valuables while all this is going on.

Security grilles vs. Roller Shutters.

Security grilles are aesthetically more appealing, as they don’t use the box-shaped housing that roller shutters have to cover the motor. There are also no electric motors to worry about repair in the event of a breakdown. Another plus is the fact that you don’t need planning permission to add security grilles to your property. As earlier mentioned, it can be detrimental to your health to lock yourself indoors while the roller shutters are drawn. When compared to fixed bars, security grilles are more easily unlocked in the event of an emergency.

Security grilles are a powerful visual and physical deterrent to even the most hardened criminal. They incur minimal maintenance costs and no monitoring costs. They provide an aesthetic solution that you can actually enjoy as they do not impede the flow of air in these summer months.

Ideally, it is best to use a combination of measures will guarantee the protection of your home and office, but the installation of a security grille is a vital first step to deterring any would-be robbers. SRL Limited offers high-grade steel security grilles in different sizes and models. Call us today for a quote.

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