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An unstable economy and fickle buyers, are two more reasons why businesses need to reduce their losses.

This shocking statistic – ”Fraud perpetrated by either management or employees accounted for 80% of the financial loss through fraud experienced by UK businesses in 2012”-, only drives home the point. From fuel theft to theft of the finished product to absenteeism, unscrupulous workers are costing businesses, thousands of pounds they can’t afford to lose.

The use of roving security patrols, CCTV cameras, audible alarms fitted to movable machinery, all help to increase the overall security of a plant. But the average warehouse also has several large loading bays for trucks and HGVs. These alternate exit points also need to be closely monitored.

Whether internal doors or external, they must possess these five key features:

  • Control entry.
  • Be energy efficient.
  • Provide safe exits.
  • Allow easy flow of traffic.
  • Provide a level of security.

The layout and size of the warehouse, should also be considered, in conjunction with the factors above, when ordering warehouse doors. Internally, personnel doors allow access between sections on the warehouse floor, and provide access to offices, canteens, rest rooms etc. These can be made of light to heavy grade steel, depending on the needs of the spaces behind them. Security levels can be increased by requiring a key card to gain access to some areas.

On the main shop floor, and for the exits, there are three types of doors available for use:

1. The overhead sectional is a popular option. A complex motor raises and lowers the door, which is machined as separate panels. The smooth operation of the door coupled with the aesthetic appearance makes it a favourite for some. Note that, while it provides a high level of security, it is a maintenance intensive door.

2. Fast Action doors are also known as dynamic doors or rapid roll doors. This versatile door is perfect for high traffic areas. Its’ features of being washable, lightweight and fast operating, makes it a staple in the food industry. Fast action doors are set to re-seal themselves, if knocked out of place by heavy traffic, leading to fewer engineer call outs and personnel downtime.

3. Roller Shutters are the most common form of warehouse door available today. While most people immediately envision a metal door just hanging in front of some shop, there is a bit more to them than that. They can be made of a range of materials; can be treated to be aesthetically appealing, weatherproof and energy efficient.

It is also available in a vast range of styles depending on your vision for the warehouse. Whether it’s with windows to see out of, a plain sheet or even with a wicket door cut in, you can create this option in any manner that suits your property.

At SRL Limited, we understand the need to secure your valuable equipment, whilst still allowing the free flow of traffic. We carry out a full inspection of your premises before giving you any quotes. We understand that every job is different and we treat each one with the utmost care. We produce each shutter at our own workshop, hence you can rest assured that the roller shutter we agreed on is the one we will manufacture for you. Contact us now for a no-obligation quote.

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