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Whether you’re overseeing the construction of an extension to your home or you’re an architect organising a large project, you need to be able to work with reliable partners who can deliver high-quality products to help the process to run smoothly. Here we share some key qualities to look for in glass manufacturers so that you can continue with your development confidently without stress or delay – knowing that the creation and installation of its glass elements are in the safest of hands.

Look for accreditation

Certain types of glass must be produced to a certain standard – accredited to ensure that they are high quality and safe. When choosing a glass supplier ask to see evidence of their accreditations and any industry awards or memberships they possess – as this demonstrates that they are bound by industry regulation and review. We supply toughened, laminated glass for structural purposes as well as standard glazed units. Our products are all fully compliant and accredited to the highest standards.

Ask to see examples of quality and ability

Some glass manufacturers specialise in a certain product or discipline – therefore you need to know whether the company you choose can cater to your specific needs. Ask to see examples of their work – either in situ or at the place of manufacture. If you have any special requirements, check first to see that they are confident to take on the project and won’t need any additional support.

Enquire about lead times

Time is often of the essence for architects and business owners who want to ensure that their project isn’t held up or delayed by the arrival of necessary materials. Make sure that you ask your shortlisted manufacturers about their usual lead time – and then see whether that fits in to your construction timeframe.

Check coverage

We manufacture in Manchester – but we distribute and install our glass products nationwide. It’s worth searching further afield if you’re looking for specialists with the experience and expertise you require – but remember to check their coverage to make sure they can easily deliver to your location.  

Opt for a one-stop shop

It can be frustrating and time-consuming to have to locate, vet and choose multiple suppliers for your installation. Opt for a one-stop shop instead – like SRL. We manufacture and install, so you don’t have to worry about delays, miscommunication or mismatched quality.

Contact us today to learn more about our UK-based glass manufacturing and installation services.

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