Choosing The Right Bi-Folding Or Patio Doors For Your Home Or Business. Design Tips From The Experts

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Patio doors and bi-fold doors are an incredible addition to any home or business, giving light, space and functionality with plenty of benefits. They are now being manufactured taller and wider than ever before, which means that you can make any outdoor space feel like a natural extension of your home.

Bi-Folding doors – a design choice

With new manufacturing techniques and increased demand, SRL are now manufacturing bi-fold doors that are up to 6 metres wide. These can span the whole length and height of most walls to give complete coverage. Combined with the ease of operation, this makes them them attractive and appealing additions to any room or space. They allow the maximum levels of light to enter buildings, and also privacy when it is needed, and because of their sturdy construction they offer a high level of security.

This solid construction and ease of use means that bi-folding sliding doors are ideal for both homes and businesses that want the option of enjoying a greater feeling of light and that want to turn the outside space into another usable room.

More Choice in Bi-Folding Doors

When it comes to choosing a bi-fold door or patio doors, there are plenty of options available for customers.

They type of patio door you opt for will depend on your business or home’s design and requirements.

To help you make the right choice for your home our business, we’ve drawn up a list of 5 expert design tips to consider.

1. Where space is tight, Bi-folding doors are the best option

Swinging patio doors and French windows require room to open. This means that you will need to consider factors like furniture and wall placement before determining which type of door opening method works best for the space. Where space is tight, consider using a stationary panel with a single bi-folding door or sliding doors that fit well in any sized space.

2. Wider doorways provide greater access

A bi-folding door or patio door design that has a wide doorway will obviously provide greater access and a stronger connection to your outdoor living space. For many, this is precisely the point of installing patio doors. Look for folding patio door systems or integrate multiple French and swing doors into your design to give you the best options.

3. Consider glass options

Glass is a major component of patio doors, so it’s important to select the right type with the greatest benefits and the highest levels of efficiency. The correct type of glass can even help to lower energy bills all year round and protect against UV fading. Decorative, tempered glass offers privacy and added style, while still letting in natural light.

4. The best materials for durability

The materials you use for your bi-folding patio doors are important. If you choose a material that is durable and easy to maintain, you will get much more value in the long run. Especially if you plan on using your patio door as a main entrance to your home or business.

5. Blend into existing design

As much as you may want bi-folding or patio doors, it’s important that they complement the style of your home or business. Talking to an expert designer to find out all the options is vital to make sure you get the best options you can.

Nothing beats quality. At SRL we provide quality bi-folding and patio doors for our clients.

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