Choosing Roller Shutters For Your Shop Front Or Premises? 7 Factors That Will Help You To Find The Best

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Roller shutters are becoming more common:

It’s not uncommon to see more and more roller shutters protecting shop fronts on the commercial streets of Britain. These strong, flexible and durable products have increased in demand in recent years for the simple reason that they add an extra layer of protection and safety that is necessary today.

What type of Roller Shutter is right for your shop front or premises?

There is no single answer as to what’s right for your business or premises. Every homeowner and every business owner has their own priorities. And there are many options to be considered: steel shutters or aluminum shutters; lightweight protection or heavyweight protection; solid exteriors or see-through grilles etc.

Seven Factors to consider when buying Roller Shutters

We’ve compiled 7 common factors that our customers most commonly talk to us about when they are looking for the most appropriate shutter or grille options for their businesses or homes. The final choice is always theirs, but we try to make sure they have taken all these issues into account, so that their final choice is the right choice for them.

1. Security challenges in the local area

Heavy steel roller shutters in a leafy suburban high street may not be the most appropriate option for your business, and may infringe local planning regulations. It’s always important to have up to date statistics on local crime and to understand the actual risk levels in your local area. Local police, local authorities and Chamber of Commerce will be able to advise on the security challenges in your area and whether you need more or less to protect your assets.

2. Security benefits of each type of roller shutter available

See-Through Grilles might be a preferred option for many shop fronts, as they offer less restricted view of shop window products and services than full roller shutters, but they represent a step down in overall security. Shop fronts and premises will still protected the window’s glazing, and grilles will provide more security than if there were no door or window covering. But won’t offer as much protection as aluminium or steel roller shutters.

When it comes to lightweight shutter solutions, it is impossible to outperform a well-constructed, lightweight aluminium roller shutters. These offer an affordable way to protect those you love and the property you want protected.

For top level security, you can’t beat heavy duty security steel roller shutters. Constructed of heavy gauge steel, this roller shutter is the staple of security. However, with these comes a higher price and a concession to lack of aesthetics and shop window marketing opportunities.

3. Aesthetics

As we’ve already mentioned, local planning regulations can be as much about maintaining the aesthetics of an area as they are about protection and security of local businesses. But knowing your own desired outcomes for business brand, image and outward appearance are important considerations.

4. Type property or merchandise being protected

Different businesses require different levels of security. A florist does not need the same protection as a bank. Likewise, a home will require more aesthetically pleasing protection than a lock up or business premises. Factoring in the security risk to related to your particular situation is important when deciding what type of roller shutters to employ.

5. Display capabilities for the shop front

Many high street shops rely heavily on window advertising and product placement. These can continue to influence buying behaviour even when the premises is closed, if customers can continue to see the products and services on offer. This important marketing capability can be severely inhibited by the presence of heavy, opaque roller shutters. Choosing a lighter see-through grille might be the better option for businesses in this situation, as long as security risks are properly weighed into the consideration.

6. Light duty or heavy duty construction

The construction of your shop front or premises will have an influence on what type of roller shutter you wish to go for. A heavily constructed steel roller shutter may not be the most appropriate installation for your situation. Likewise, an aluminium, or see through grille might be a preferred option for aesthetic purposes, but not fit for purpose in your particular environment. Talking to our experts can help you decide what is the best fit for your premises.

7. Cost and budget

Budget will always be an important consideration. But talking to our team of experts can help you make the most of your budget and leave you with the perfect option for your business or home premises.

Talk to the experts

The key for any business or home owner when choosing the right product is to understand what challenges and dangers need to be overcome through the use of roller shutters. And then to take into account the balance that must be made between budget, security, aesthetics, marketing and construction constraints.  For more information about roller shutters and how to find the best solution to your security needs talk to us.

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