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Once upon a time, it was impossible to add a brand’s signature colours to the external elements of a property or site without paint. This cumbersome, non-versatile method of introducing colour often left a lot to be desired – with hues often mismatched, paint left to peel and many surfaces unsuitable for paint left uncovered. Yet powder coating has revolutionised the way we scope design and implement installations in line with the important aesthetic requirements of commercial properties. In this post, we introduce powder coating and explain why it’s a savvy choice for businesses that want to ensure that they present their company in the best possible way to the outside world.

Powder coating is the perfect way to introduce colour to a range of materials

Now powder coating has enabled architects and businesses with commercial premises to present their desired impression to the outside world. Designed to ‘paint’ a variety of metals and some other materials, it’s widely used for bikes, vehicles and appliances. At SRL we predominantly powder-coat doors, windows, curtain walls and shutters to ensure their appearance is in keeping with the rest of an installation or design.

How does powder coating work?

Powder coating introduces colour to a surface (usually metal, alloys or carbon) in the form of microscopic dry particles charged electrostatically with heat to bind them to the surface in question. Our state-of-the-art processing plant enables us to powder-coat large items, with cutting-edge technology and manufacturing techniques including two automatic reciprocators and a 90% powder recovery system to minimise wastage.

There are also additional benefits to powder coating. Surfaces treated in this way are more resilient – with increased resistance to chips, weathering and fading.

Which colours are available?

There are many colours available to choose from when you decide to opt for powder coating. In fact, we have hundreds to choose from at SRL – from daffodil yellow and pretty pink to royal blue and deep purple. Our handy downloadable colour chart gives you an idea of which colours are available and allows you to accurately match one based on your individual requirements.

For more information on our powder coating services take a look at our dedicated page or contact us to learn more about what we offer and how we can work with you.

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