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A couple of weeks ago we shared the first part of this blog – covering common construction issues and explaining how expert involvement can help you to easily find a solution. Here in the second instalment we continue to help you to find ways around issues and challenges that crop up for businesses making exterior changes more often than you might think.

We need to be secure – yet also welcoming to customers

Security is understandably a priority for businesses – especially retailers and companies with expensive equipment or sensitive data on site. Yet some security solutions can be unsightly and obstruct or impair the impression you’re keen to provide for visitors and passers by. At SRL we specialise in providing top-notch security solutions that seamlessly blend with your branding and aesthetic objectives. Take for example our roller shutters – manufactured to the highest standards, with the option of powder coating in any colour combination to perfectly fit with your brand. Powder coating can in fact be a saving grace for any security application – from safety doors, railings and window grilles to bollards and gates.

We need to conserve energy

Energy conservation is another concern for business owners – both from an eco-conscious and financial perspective. Often older buildings don’t lend themselves particularly well to energy conservation, owing to single-glazed windows, poor insulation and wear and tear causing draughts and resulting in leaked heat. The first logical step to preserve energy is window replacement. Using innovative glass products it’s possible to retain warm or cool air indoors whilst keeping the elements at bay. Where UV windows were once exclusively tinted, they now come in clear variations so your employees can enjoy the benefit of natural sunlight without the sweltering conditions it can bring.

Curtain walls are also an economical solution for businesses that are looking for an aesthetic overhaul. They’re also often suitable for older buildings, as they are non-invasive structurally and can be very sensitive from a conservational perspective.

We need to look different

When occupying faceless office buildings or residing on a generic UK high street, a common concern for businesses is blending in. It may seem impossible to look different when presented with faceless ranges of windows, doors and facades. This is where working with a company specialising in exterior design and alteration is key. When you work with experts well versed in helping businesses to make a beneficial change whilst retaining their brand identity, the possibilities are literally endless. But therein lies another issue – the array of choice available can be bewildering. A good company will guide you accordingly and listen to your objectives before making clear suggestions for you to choose from and work with.

For more information on our customisation services (including powder coating) or our curtain wall and security solutions, take a look at our Services pages and case studies here.

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