Could You Modify To Delay A Move?

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Business owners and homeowners alike eventually reach the stage where they feel it’s time to move on. Perhaps they no longer have enough space – or have outgrown their property in other ways. Whatever the motivation, a move isn’t always possible for a number of reasons. Expense, stress and disruption are all clear disadvantages – as well as the hassle of finding a better location. This is especially difficult for business owners, for whom moving could represent a potentially devastating financial loss. In this article, we explain why modification is often a viable option compared with moving – and it isn’t always as expensive or disruptive as you may expect.

Adapt your access

Doors are of course an essential aspect of any building. But changing the way you access your property could have significant benefits for your business or home. There are now so many different types of doors to choose from – including bi-fold installations, sliding doors and automatic systems. The main benefit of these types of doors is their aesthetic quality – usually made from glass and steel or aluminium, they are incredibly attractive and can brighten up a property instantly. They also have practical advantages – such as combining indoor space with a garden area seamlessly, or providing disabled access.

Let in the light

Like doors, windows have evolved over the years, and there are now many variations to choose from, each with individual benefits for your home or business. Structural glass can transform a previously bland wall and allow natural light to flood into your property, whilst tinted or treated windows can have a physical effect, preventing overheating or providing privacy. If security, comfort or visual appeal are some of the concerns driving your decision to move, new window installations could provide a more cost-effective and uncomplicated solution.

Expand without expense

Curtain walls are commonly associated with skyscrapers and large city-dwelling properties – but they have many practical uses at home and in smaller buildings occupied by businesses. These innovative, versatile installations provide space and aesthetic appeal, perfect for properties of a range of shapes and sizes. They can circumvent common construction issues such as awkward angles, heritage considerations and lack of external space to extend into. A curtain wall installation will be planned, prepared and produced in line with your individual specifications and objectives, manufactured bespoke with the highest quality materials. This could be the difference between a costly, disruptive relocation and remaining without difficulty or downtime.  

Are you considering upsizing – but need to remain in your current property? Speak to the experts at SRL today to receive sound, sensible advice tailored to your requirements.

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