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Businesses with premises which are a little on the small side are constantly faced with a difficult battle – to create the illusion of greater space, whilst keeping everything they have to offer on show (and storing containing the essentials they don’t wish to share with customers and clients. In this post we explain how it’s possible to achieve the best of both worlds whilst maintaining low running costs and staying in the premises you currently occupy.

Combine external and internal spaces

If your internal space is lacking in square footage but you have outdoor space which isn’t currently being used effectively combining the two can be a low-cost way of growing your area. Bi-fold doors are the most cost-effective and efficient way to do this – as they can be installed across the length of your property or the external wall in question and open up in concertina fashion without taking up space inside. If weather is a concern an awning or superficial, non- structural coverage can provide protection and even some warmth. Provided planning permission is in place this could also house an extension, conservatory or orangery.

Let in the light

Light (or lack of) can often be a notable cause behind a space appearing to be dingy and small. With this in mind installing skylights or additional windows (multiplying the amount of glass in the room) can be highly effective. Greater space and light can be achieved in tricky spaces by replacing traditional doors with glass ones, enlarging windows or adding windows and doors to bare walls.

Use mirrors and colours to deceive the eye

When all else fails and a space really does need opening up without any external or structural adaptation there are some innovative design techniques you can employ. Mirrors are a classic (yet effective) example of this – as they reflect both light and their surroundings to instantly grow or double a space. Mirrors can be specially created to be very large to cover whole walls, but even a small mirror or strategically-placed slithers of glass can greatly improve and add to the illusion of additional space.

Lighter, brighter colours are also required for small spaces which need to appear larger and airier. Pale greys and blues, as well as traditional whites, beiges and creams, are perfect for this type of application.

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