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Curtain walls are becoming increasingly popular for businesses of all sizes. Once reserved only for larger companies with huge premises or new build projects, now they can be incorporated into a wide range of properties with benefits for all involved.

Despite this, a curtain wall installation isn’t right for everyone and every property. In this post, we share the key questions you should ask ahead of considering a curtain wall installation – and why it’s crucial to gather as much information as possible prior to a decision.

Is cost an issue?

The materials used in curtain walls are relatively inexpensive compared with other structural installations – and they also present numerous cost-saving opportunities where energy and efficiency are concerned. Yet these financial advantages must be weighed up against the cost of fitting and maintaining the curtain wall – so you’ll need to have a budget in mind before planning an installation.

What size is your property?

Curtain walls generally lend themselves to properties of larger sizes in a standalone capacity. However, they are adaptable and can be fitted on buildings with unusual shapes or requirements. It’s also important to note that curtain walls are unable to support heavy loads and therefore can’t be used to replace anything currently providing support within the building’s structural matrix.

Are there design constraints involved?

By nature, curtain walls are aesthetically incredibly versatile. They can be fitted in a wide range of colours, finishes and designs. Yet sometimes if there is a specific brief in mind a curtain wall may not be the best solution architecturally or economically. Occasionally buildings protected with conservation orders will find it difficult to change their current external appearance – and in these cases curtain walls may not be the best solution.

Are there any alternatives?

Whilst curtain walls are a very unique and specific type of structural installation, their appearance and even some characteristics (like the economical benefits they bring) can be mimicked or introduced in some way, albeit with a lesser effect. If a curtain wall isn’t appropriate for you but you would like to explore alternatives then it’s always best to speak to us to see how we can advise and adapt to your requirements.

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