Why Are Curtain Walls Enjoying Increased Popularity In The UK?

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Some businesses feel that curtain walls are reserved only for skyscrapers in the US, Asia and the Middle East. But they’re becoming increasingly popular amongst businesses (and buildings) of all sizes here in the UK. In this blog, we investigate why – and share how you can harness the positive power of a curtain wall for your business.

A curtain wall is as unique as your business

Part of the draw of curtain walls is their ability to be completely unique. In fact, often no two curtain walls are exactly the same. For businesses in the UK this is key – as in such a small country with towns and cities so crowded, things can start to look very similar very quickly. Consumers need something eye-catching, something that reflects a brand they’d like to interact with. This means that curtain walls can help you to stand out from the crowd without relocating or structurally overhauling your premises.

Curtain walls modernise and refresh

As the UK has a rich architectural heritage, many of its buildings (both iconic and conventional) are over a hundred years old, often in need of maintenance and repair. Curtain walls have the ability to revitalise a property – giving it a modern edge without the need for invasive construction work or demolition. Vertical glass and aluminium structures enable the true identity of the building to shine through for a nostalgic blend of old and new. Alternatively, an unsightly property or a building in disrepair can be completely transformed into a fresh, contemporary structure that is inviting to all visitors.

Curtain walls are versatile

Aside from our biggest cities (London in particular), we’re a nation of quirky, smaller (and as previously discussed) older buildings. This can make modernisation difficult. Yet another great thing about curtain walls is their unfaltering versatility and ability to adapt. The properties of curtain walls mean that they naturally lend themselves to squeezing into small spaces, occupying unusual areas and fulfilling tricky architectural briefs.

Curtain walls reduce energy bills and increase eco-efficiency

Light and eco-friendly, curtain walls naturally possess the ability to increase a building’s energy efficiency.  As they are formed using innovative modern glass products, curtain walls can retain heat in winter and keep it out during summer months. The use of natural sunlight can also cut down a company’s dependence on artificial light – therefore reducing electricity bills. As the cost of electricity rises year on year (and the government places incentives and sanctions on companies in an effort to reduce the nation’s carbon footprint) these are benefits that are understandably causing more UK companies to opt for a curtain wall installation.

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