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If after extensive research you’ve decided that curtain walls are the right method for you or your business and you’re eager to get them installed as soon as possible, it’s always worth consulting with experts like us beforehand. This is because no two installations are the same – so before anything is agreed or work commences there are a few crucial safety and security precautions you need to be aware of to make sure that you get the best possible (and safest) outcome.

Dislodged rubber sealing and other safety issues

At best a costly inconvenience, at worst extremely dangerous, a common issue with the poor installation of curtain walling is the dislodging or misplacement of the rubber sealing that holds the curtain walls together. This could lead to the glass becoming very loose and therefore poses a danger to people both inside and outside the building. This is a health and safety issue which cannot be ignored – so aside from the obvious implications to human health it could also cost you a large sum of money to correct – especially for a sizeable installation.

Leaks in your curtain walling

A prevalent issue in some curtain walling installations is the leakage of rain or other liquids through the walling. This could lead to water damage of offices or buildings if the walling or rubber sealing is not installed properly – which means that not only are you required to foot the bill for a repair on the curtain walling itself, you also need to shell out for expensive remediation and decoration work or the replacement of equipment. Some insurance companies may assess the damage as avoidable if the installation wasn’t properly constructed – which of course presents a new set of problems for the business.


If your curtain walling is installed loosely, this could additionally make it easier for any burglaries to occur. Again, if insurance assessors come to the conclusion that theft and illegal entry could have been avoided through better care and maintenance or the provision of a more solid structure they may not pay out, which could leave you with a very expensive bill for the reinstatement of lost goods.

Easily breakable materials or construction

As the materials used in curtain walls are generally very lightweight, this can increase the possibility of easy breakage and shattering potential when installations aren’t constructed with due care and attention. Once again, this is likely to cost you money in the long (or short) term for essential repairs which wouldn’t have been necessary had the curtain wall been installed properly to start with.

Thorough research is essential when choosing a curtain wall installation specialist to ensure that your finished development is safe, secure and structured soundly to last for years to come. When you have made the decision to go ahead with curtain walling it’s important to make sure that the construction and installation is completed by a trusted company to guarantee that you will get the best from your curtain walling. At SRL we have extensive experience in the installation of curtain walls for a variety of projects – so for dependable guidance from seasoned experts simply give us a call or email us for advice or a consultation.

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